Don’t know how to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad? Even you don’t have any idea what to put under a laptop to keep it cool? Don’t worry. You are not the only one; many people don’t know what to do.

Using a laptop sometimes may cause headaches, even the situation can get worse if you are busy on a heavy task like playing a game or editing a video. In this case, you have to consider a way to cool down the laptop. Otherwise, it can get damaged. You can think about a cooling pad. But it is not the only solution and most of them are totally free.

There are numerous factors you have to keep in mind. Luckily then it won’t cost you money. Just you have to be alert and spend some time following those instructions.

Most importantly these will save you money that may you are willing to spend on the cooling pad. 

So let’s hack some crucial tips and tricks to ensure a healthy and high-performing laptop by cooling it even without a cooling pad.

10 Effective Ways To Cool Down A Laptop Without A Cooling Pad

1. Put It On A Level Surface

put the laptop on a level surface - ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

It’s a common thing you should put the laptop on the hard and level surface not just to cool it down but to use it comfortably. At the same time try to avoid using it on the bed or blanket as the air vent won’t get enough air. Therefore the laptop will start heating up.

Besides putting it on the ground or dusty surface will allow the dirt to get into the air vent. So let the cooling fan work properly by using the laptop on a flat surface.

2. Often Clean The Air Vent 

You should clear your air vent - ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

The air vent of the laptop gets dust day by day and after using it for a long time without cleaning the vent. It causes a jam in the air vent. Thus it can stop working. So it’s a most essential thing to clean the air vent after a certain period.

You can use a can of compressed air to make the air vent clean. Remember you should make it carefully to prevent messing up anything. Besides helping the laptop upright and start cleaning is a good idea.

On the other hand, cleaning the air vent by opening the back panel will allow you to do it comfortably and completely. 

3. Keep Your Laptop Clean

keep your laptop clean and clear - ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

While cleaning the air vent it is suggested; to clean the whole laptop routinely as it will boost the longevity of the laptop and help you get better performance.

It doesn’t matter where you are living in a clean area or somewhere there’s lots of dirt. After a period of use, your laptop will attract by dust for sure. If you neglect cleaning the dust, it can clog the whole machine up.

As we talk earlier it is better to use compressed air. But don’t use compressed air too aggressively as it can damage the inside components of the laptop. 

4. Check The Fan Itself

Check The Fan Itself- ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

Check that if the fan working properly or not. Likewise checking the dust is also crucial as after a certain period the fan may start acting weird. So if you find any unusual sound it indicates a bad issue.

If you are confident enough then open the laptop and observe the situation, if you aren’t it is better to consult with experts. At the same time check the speed of the fan. In this case, you can use software that is available on the internet. 

5. Conclude Useless Tasks Or Processes

Conclude Useless Tasks Or Processes- ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

Another great way to keep the heat cool down is checking the useless task. Let’s open the task manager and pick the processes tab. Then find out the weird process that is responsible for heating the laptop. Find out, select and click End Task.

On the other hand, the laptop may be infected by a malicious virus. So scan deeply the laptop and find out if any. Then fix it and prevent heating the device.

6. Often Check The Temperature 

Often Check The Temperature - ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

Checking the temparature of CPU is one of the main task to cool the laptop. Simply, to check your pc’s temperature, you can go to BIOS and check there.

After all to check this, you have to shutdown your laptop. We don’t want this. So we recommend to use a third-party software like HWMonitor. It is all free and we use it for a long time without having any issues.

By using the software, you can monitor the temperature of your laptop. So ensure that you are checking the temperature timely to keep the laptop cool.

At the same time, you can check the producer’s website or user manual to know the acceptable range of temperature.

7. Replace The Thermal Paste

Replace The Thermal Paste- ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

It’s a great step to follow to cool down the laptop slightly. So a question may come to mind how to replace the thermal paste? Let’s find out the answer. it’s a part that is located between the CPU and the heat sink to allow to transfer of the heat properly. All you have to do is upgrade the gear with a better one that won’t become conductive even if you put it too much. But it is suggested to let the work done by professional.

8. Lower The Game Settings

Lower The Game Settings - ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

Lowering the game settings means less power consumption by the CPU. If you do so, it will prevent heating up and save the battery charge at the same time.

However, if you have a high configured gaming laptop you can ignore these tips.

9. Get An External GPU

Get An External GPU - ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

Did you know about GPU? It’s a crucial feature and surprisingly many people don’t know anything about it. The feature will convert extra load from the laptop’s chest and offer GPU power to the laptop. After upgrading with an external GPU it may seem like a desktop PC.

10. Give It Rest 

Give It Rest- ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad

Don’t get addicted to your laptop. It won’t bring anything good both for you and your laptop rather than worse.

After all, it’s a machine that needs rest to restore performance. At the same time tries to avoid shutting down or sleeping it every minute.

Properly using the laptop will keep you healthy and help the laptop perform well without heating up.

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Now you know the ways to cool down a laptop without a cooling pad as you have plenty of options to do so. Finally follow those instructions properly and enjoy whatever you want to do using your favorite laptop.

And after all of this, you want to have a cooling pad, here are our reviews of best cooling pads for laptop.

However, it is better to go for a PC to enjoy the heavy game instead of buying an expensive laptop as it is easy to maintain and available at a cheaper price.