Husqvarna is a reliable name in the lawnmower industry due to producing quality gardening accessories and parts. Husqvarna lc221a is among the most promising model for its quality service however people still argue in some cases. Thus a deep analysis of Husqvarna lc221a review can end up the confusion and leads the landowner through the right decision.

Spending hours, our expert researcher made this article with extensive information on Husqvarna lc221a. the aim is to offer detailed knowledge on the Husqvarna lc221a lawn mower and help taking the informed and better decision.

Husqvarna LC221A Full Review

Husqvarna LC221A Full Review

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It’s a self-propelled and extremely powerful gas lawn mower that is ideal for mowing an uneven surface. This lawnmower has 2 adjustable speed levers to allow it to mow in different terrain according to the requirement. More importantly, it’s an easy-to-operate lawn mower that won’t need to pull more than twice for starting the machine. Even the user can switch from two to four wheels effortlessly, making it suitable for a different type of mowing.

This gas lawn mower comes in a sleek and stunning design with an aesthetic orange body which makes it attractive among lawn owners. Plus its ergonomic soft grip will ensure a comfortable mowing without fatigue. An impressive feature includes water hose connectivity. Especially the features will help cleaning of the deck more conveniently, making it easy to maintain.

If you still looking for something more, this self-propelled gas lawn mower comes with a 3-year warranty. Apart from this, it has the 21-inch standard cutting depth so the mower can properly take care of even a big yard ranging from half an acre to one.

Reason To Buy This Lawnmower:

  • The majority of the users are satisfied with their purchase since they find it lightweight and easier to push.
  • Users appreciated its climbing ability due to its all-wheel-drive system.
  • The mower is easy to assemble and don’t take much time.
  • It has a reliable lower bar control to control the speed easily.
  • Some users find this lawn mower fuel-efficient.
  • The drive system of this mower fairly works well even in tall grasses.
  • It can mulch without causing discharging and bagging.

Reason To Shouldn’t Buy This Lawnmower:

  • Its drive belts can be exposed and leave unprotected from debris and cause tear and wear which make some customer disappointed.
  • Some user fined that its self-propel lever cable slowly grows slack.
  • A few customers report its spark plug and magneto don’t last more than one season.


  • Brand name: Husqvarna
  • Mower Type: Self Propelled
  • Weight: 75.4 lbs
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Cutting Width: 18 to 21 Inch
  • Min Cutting Height: 1″
  • Max Cutting Height: 4″
  • Features: Rear Discharge, Bagging, Mulching,  Side Discharge
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Additional Info:

  • Soft Grip Handle
  • 163cc Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • Water Hose Connection
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system

Husqvarna LC221A Features

Cutting Power

The difference between its maintenance speed and no-load speed is virtually identical. So you won’t experience any stress during the weekly lawn mowing. In the case of power, this lawn mower can crank out 3021 RPM that runs the blade at 188.6 MPH speed. It’s a well-acceptable speed for maintaining the lawn weekly.


This Husqvarna lawn mower can cut almost any residential condition. Even walking through at a 2.5″ cut height consistently 2.5 MPH speed you can measure how far it can go before stopping. Notably, you will find an impressive result.

Cutting Area

Under light cutting conditions, this Husqvarna LC221A can run consistently for up to 93 minutes. Walking at 2.5 MPH, you can cover up about 3600 square feet of yards which is quite worth it. So comparing other Gas Powered lawnmowers at this price range, this Husqvarna will keep you top with its reliable service.

Fuel Efficiency

Cutting area is a port of equation and the fuel efficiency of an engine is direct hits the right in the wallet. Though this Husqvarna LC221 has a smaller tank it can run for 10.3 minutes which makes it fuel-efficient. More importantly this lawn mower can mow 2.91 acres per gallon. If you are in a straight line at 2.5 MPH, this Husqvarna lawn mower will offer you a cool 13.73 MPG, thanks to its Honda GCV160 engine.


This Husqvarna LC221A offers a quieter operation at a really reasonable 89 dB(A). though it’s not quite like a battery-powered lawnmower, comparing with the gas-powered mower, it’s the quietest model in the class. So you can mow your residential yard quietly comfortably without causing any disturbance to the neighbors.

This small video contains all the features. Make sure to watch it.


Is Husqvarna a good push mower?

Husqvarna lawn mowers are efficient and offer a satisfying service to their users during mowing the yards. All the models that produce these brands are quite impressive and ensure brilliant ergonomics. Among a wide verity of the model, Husqvarna offers some self-propelled lawn mower which doesn’t need much effort to move.

How long do Husqvarna mowers last?

Maintaining periodically and properly, Husqvarna mowers can last long, even up to 15 years. the lawnmower from the brands are quite durable and design maintained advanced technology.

Are Husqvarna mowers made in USA?

Husqvarna mowers are proudly made in the United States. This factory f this brand is in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and McRae, Georgia.

Bottom Line: Is it worth it??

The Husqvarna LC221A is a lightweight all-wheel-drive mower that is good fuel-efficient and can handle from hill to any tough terrain efficiently. This lawnmower is easy to control and use.

Besides, its bagging and mulching ability make the mower a well acceptable option. Though its deck design can leave the belt to expose still it’s a quite considerable one.

Plus its maintenance charge can put you in a bit frustrating since there is no option for engine replacement and its parts aren’t commonly available. But the mower tough quality design with advanced technology, thus the manufacturer promises reliable service.

In this Husqvarna LC221A review, we have discussed possibly all the matters and facts so you can make a wise decision. Hope now you are confident enough.