Does a cooling pad work for laptop? Does it worth money? Which one will be the right cooling pad for me? if you are one of them who looking for the questions answer, keep reading this article. Laptop cooling pad crucial essentials that greatly help improve the overall performance of a laptop. The main intention of the invention of a cooling pad was to boost the performance level of a laptop without having to physically intrude. 

So if you are planning to buy a cooling pad, then read this guide before making a final decision to make the right decision.

What Are Laptop Cooling Pads?

Laptop cooling pads are a kind of mini platform for a laptop that comes with fans. The main role of a cooling pad is to takes in cool air from under the pad and then blow it into the laptop. Thus it keeps a laptop a few degrees cooler.

Another important role it plays is rises the laptop a few inches from the table or desk to prevent heat “trapped” under the laptop. At the same time, offering consistent airflow help the laptop run perfectly.

Does A Cooling Pad Work For Laptop?

Cooling pads reduce the overall temperature of the CPU by offering consistent cool air. Thus it helps extract the highest amount of performance from a laptop. Most importantly it provides a top-class advantage even without opening it up and losing the warranty. On the other hand, another extra ergonomic advantage of using a cooling pad is it greatly reduces neck pain from looking down at the screen as it raises the laptop a few inches from the desk.

Plus it’s a positioned way to improve the user’s posture as it brings the laptop to eye level. Thus if you have to sit in front of the laptop for a long time because of job or personal use, a cooling pad will be your right option to not only keep you comfortable but boosting the longevity of the laptop. 

How Cooling Pads Affects Performance?

Laptop cooling pads especially reduce the heat level of the machine and prevent overheating to hardware. The central processing unit and Graphic processing units are two key components that are responsible for heating generation in the laptop.

However Built-in fans are connected with these components but these can’t effectively make the device cool because of the shortage of space.

During extreme use of a laptop with a heavy load, especially while playing a video game, increases the risk of overheating. Built-in fans can’t properly deal with these problems. Therefore the demand for cooling pads increases.

On the other hand, if the Excessive heat generation process runs for a long time, it leads the machine to break itself. Even Faster laptops are produced more heat comparing with slower, however reaching a certain temperature, both types of laptops break themselves.

Another problem with heating is it slower the working capacity and speed of a laptop with time. In this case using a cooling pad bring great benefits as it retains the cause at a low level, and helps users to enjoy the original speed and working capacity.

So overall it helps the machine serve for a longer time and make the investment worth or every penny.

Different Types of Cooling Pads

If you have realized the importance of a laptop cooling pad, then let’s have a look at some types of cooling pads. Based on the purpose they are four types.

Active Cooling Pads

Active Cooling Pads

Active cooling pads design with multiple small fans so they can provide more airflow around the intakes of laptops from the bottom side. At the same time, it helps to blow off extra heat discharged from the machine and keep the machine from overheating. Usually, it gets the energy to perform through a USB cable that had to connect with the laptop.

Passive Cooling Pads

Passive Cooling Pads

This type of cooling pad comes with an organic salt compound to absorb the heat of the laptop. Besides, it doesn’t need any USB cable connection or even a power source to perform. It is designed with a short working time that can last up to 8 hours.

As it blocks the vents on the bottom side of laptops, so it is not mostly recommended. So, before getting these Passive Cooling Pads to ensure that your laptop doesn’t have any vents on the bottom.

Multi-surface Cooling Pads

Multi-surface Cooling Pads

It especially lets the air flow between the cooling pad itself and the chassis of the laptop. Besides, it facilitates airflow between both of the systems. This type of cooling pad effectively works on any kind of surface including a table, soft cloth, carpet, etc.

Multi-purpose Cooling Pads

Multi-purpose Cooling Pads

The blessing of modern technology lets people enjoy different cooling pads. For example, some come with key drives or memory cards while some allow making notes with pen and paper.

How To Choose a Cooling Pad

However, you have got some idea which type of cooling pad will be right for you after reading our previous section. Apart from these let look out some other feature that should have on best laptop cooling pad

Cooling capacity: check the amount of fan and maximum rotation speed in RPM while you are on searching. Especially higher RPM means more cooling advantage.

Power source: what is the power source of a cooling pad? Is it USB or another power cord? Choose the most suitable function.

The adjustability of the fan speeds: is the cooling fan allows you to adjust the fan speed while the speed can produce noise. 

Noise: as we talking earlier, check the noise level. However, the most modern cooling pad can perform quietly. 

Adjustable position: is the cooling pad offer the function so you can get a comfortable screen view and use the keyboard?

Size: Choose a cooling pad that perfectly fits your laptop. Otherwise, you won’t get the best performance.


Are laptop cooling pads worth it?

When we use laptop on a lap, air from the air vent gets blocked and the laptop becomes heat. It decreases the performance of our laptop. If we use a cooling pad then it will cool down the laptop and increases the performance. We should remind that if the laptop fan works, then the cooling pad will have its effectiveness otherwise it will cause no effects/ If your laptop’s fan works fine, then the laptop cooling pads definitely worth it.

Is it good to use cooling pads for laptops?

Obviously, it is very good to use cooling pads for laptops, especially when we use them on lap. It cooldowns the laptop and let the laptop keep going their regular performance.

Are cooling pads bad for laptops?

Never, a cooling pad never causes harm to your laptops. Rather, it improves the performance of your laptop by cooling down it and it is a good thing for all laptop users.


So do a laptop cooling pad works? Hope your answer will be yes. And get the detailed information to choose the most suited one for your laptop to enjoy excessive use of the laptop. Thanks for reading!