A wifi external antenna is such a blessing device that can boost your wifi using experience. But find the best wifi antenna can be a tricky task as a range of brands out there and especially you are a beginner.

Don’t worry! We have made a 5 best wifi external antenna review for you as well as a buying guide. So this complete guide will help you find the most suitable wifi antenna within budget.

Best WiFi External Antennas To Boost your Internet Speed

1. SimpleWiFi Ultra Long Range WiFi Extender

SimpleWiFi Ultra Long Range WiFi External Extender

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The first pick for the best wifi external antenna in our list is SimpleWiFi Ultra Long Range WiFi Extender. It will be the right option if you are searching for along-range outdoor WiFi extender. It’s an Ultra Long Range Wifi Extender that will extend your wifi signal and offer you a reliable high-speed wifi connection. At the same time, it’s a 24dBi grid parabolic Wi-Fi antenna that will allow you to use it from up to 8 miles distance.

Most importantly it is Quality certified antenna that is made from cast luminium. At the same time powder coated in a light grey finish makes it weather resistant. So if you want a durable, powerful, and reliable outdoor wifi extender antenna this one will be suitable for you. The manufacturer designs the device with a U-bolt mounting system so it is easy to mount.

  • Weatherproof
  • Extremely durable
  • Modular
  • High-quality design
  • A bit large

2. TP-Link Omada Wireless Outdoor WiFi Antenna

TP-Link Omada Wireless Outdoor WiFi External Antenna

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This TP-Link Omada AC1200 Gigabit Wireless wifi external antenna is physically small but its ability will feel impressive. It includes the incredible ability to transfer data at speeds of up to 300Mbps and two detachable 5dBi. At the same time, it will offer full 360-degree coverage.

The best part of this device is its designs with simple yet powerful mounting that makes it ideal for outdoor patios. Besides, you will have Free Auranet Controller Software that will allow administrators to easily manage hundreds of EAPs at the same time. With its IP65-Rated you can easily use it in harsh weather conditions.

As it includes dual antennas you will get stable wireless coverage at a range of up to 200 meters. Most importantly it features PoE support that will allow the cable used for both electric power and data connection to the device. Finally, at an affordable cost, you will have a high technology wifi external antenna.


  • Affordable
  • IP-65 weather resistance
  • Includes the incredible ability to transfer data
  • Offer stable wireless coverage


  • Non-standard PoE

3. Tupavco Wireless Outdoor WiFi Antenna

Tupavco Wireless Outdoor WiFi extender

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Are you on a tight budget and still considering a quality WiFi antenna then this Tupavco TP511 Panel Antenna will be a suitable option for you. It can transform data at 300Mbps. It’s a quite considerable distance in low budget wifi antenna. On the other hand, the manufacturer designs the antenna with a transmission power of 36 dBm and it will allow you to use data from 328 feet.

As the wifi antenna design with MIMO and CCA technology, it will offer you advanced wireless transfer performance and stable signal. Most importantly it will give several kinds of encryption so it will ensure continuous connection.


  • High range wifi antenna
  • Low-cost solution
  • 300Mbps transforming data ability
  • Design with MIMO and CCA technology


  • Plastic build

4. Alfa High Gain Long-Rang WiFi Network Adapter

Alfa High Gain Long-Rang WiFi Network Adapter

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Another budget-friendly wifi external antenna on our list is the Alfa Long-Rang WiFi antenna. However the manufacturer compromise with the price but they won’t compromise on the feature. It can support wireless data encryption with 64 and 128-bit encryption. Besides the wifi antenna can handle data transfer speeds of up to 150 Mbps which is considerable if you are looking for a wifi antenna for home use.

On the other hand, the wifi antenna comes with a convenient benefit for scanning available networks. Similarly, it can save preferred networks that other people usually connect to. Most importantly you will have sweeping security features, with a range of around 100 feet. Overall considering the price tag it’s the best value wifi external antenna in the market.


  • Data encryption
  • USB supported
  • Security feature
  • Considerable data transfer speeds


  • Not weatherproof

5. Ideaworks Long Range Antenna 

Ideaworks Long Range Antenna

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The last option in our list is for the best wifi external antenna is idea works Long Range Wi-Fi Antenna. However, it will take a bit more room but can offer impressive performance. It can perform under harsh conditions outdoors and can connect to hotspots up to 0.5 miles away. Besides the wifi antenna comes with A 24 foot USB cable that will offer a range of nearly 3,000 feet.

However, its installation process is not easy like another wifi antenna we mention above. You will need a bit confusing CD to be deciphered. But most importantly it is compatible with PC systems that make it the most popular external wifi antenna for desktop in the market.

If you are looking for a wifi antenna that will be suitable for travel, we recommend you to choose this one as it comes with a slim design. You can easily and quickly add it to any window with the powerful suction cups to use securely.


  • Can Works in harsh conditions
  • Delivery service from Up to half a mile away
  • Decent price
  • High technology wifi external antenna


  • Confusing installation

What Is a Wi-Fi Antenna and What Is It Used For?

It is one of the devices that people had to put on routers. Then the router receives the incoming internet data and transmits it in the type of wireless signals. However, a router can act this common function but it has a restricted range.

In this case, people use a Wi-Fi antenna. It not only develops the connection between the devices but increases the internet speed. Even it can do much more as it will allow you to enlarge the internet connection to outdoors. So using a Wi-Fi antenna will help you in a range of ways.

How to Choose a Wi-Fi Antenna?

To enjoy the advantage of Wi-Fi antennas, firstly you have chosen the best one. Following some features will help you to figure out the best wifi external antenna.


Usually, a wifi antenna can work in several directions. It depends on its structure. So you will find semi-directional, multi-directional, and highly directional Wi-Fi antennas in the market that can transmit signals from different angles. Based on your needs you can easily pick the most essential Wi-Fi external antennas.


The range is another vital feature to choose from while you are choosing a Wi-Fi antenna. It will control how far you can use your wireless devices. Nevertheless to say Antennas enlarge the range of a Wi-Fi router but it goes up to you how far from you want to use the devices.


Interference can affect if you want to enlarge the range of high-speed internet. There has plenty of reason behind it. But the most basic reason is the overlap of signals. So consider the factor while you are planning for a wifi external antenna.

Type of Wi-Fi Antenna

However plenty of types of Wi-Fi antennas available in the market but you should choose according to your budget. Even the specification of the wifi antenna varies the price.


Do WiFi antennas and their positions make difference?

WiFi antennas and their position make difference. Our room’s wall and other metallic surfaces absorb the wifi signals. So if you connect a good wifi router antenna, it will make a huge difference and boost your wifi speed throughout your house.

What does an external WiFi antenna do?

WiFi external antenna/long-range antennas has a lot more potent and they can push the wifi signals to a very good range. This will extend your internet speed and also give you a large area coverage.

Can you buy a WiFi antenna?

It depends on you. If you have a single room and good WiFi, it will no need to buy. But if you want to boost your internet speed and want a long-range coverage, you should obviously buy WiFi antenna.

Final Words

We have covered the 5 best wifi external antennas based on quality, technology, and cost. So hopefully you have found the desirable wifi external antenna within budget. These all are heavy quality wifi antenna that can serve long-lasting. But before making the final decision we recommend you to check the compatibility with your router. Finally, let’s boost the wifi experience with our wifi external antenna and don’t forget to share with us your experience.