If you’re searching to find the best riding lawn mower then you’ve come to the right place. These powerful devices can take the work out of mowing a large lawn and are extremely easy to operate.

They’re great for large properties and for users who don’t want the harass of pushing a heavy gas mower across their grass.

But deciding which option is right for you can be confusing. Riding lawn mowers are the ideal alternative to standard walk-behind mowers (much like reel mowers), letting you drive the machine around your yard, much like you would an automobile.

As you’re not required to push these models, they’re the perfect option for anyone looking to keep time and energy when mowing their large garden.

A good sturdy wheelbarrow will also save you time! But as a riding mower comes with a wide variety of features, specs, and designs, it can be tough finding the right model for your requirements. Shopping in the winter months? You might be looking for a snowblower in its place.

And that’s not to mention a large number of decent brands out there. Put all of that together and purchasing one of the yard tools can be just as hard as buying a new car. But happily, we’ve done the legwork for you.

We’ve reviewed the top mowers on the market and looked at their design, act, features, specs, and reviews.

What we’ve arisen with is our list of the top 10 riding lawn mowers of 2020. So if you’re ready to hop on a riding mower so that you can ultimately make cutting your grass a breeze, just keep reading.

We’re sure that after reading through our list, you’ll be able to find the model that’s ideal for you. Looking for the overall Best Lawn Mower?

The Best Riding Lawn Mower

1.Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series

XT1 Enduro Series LT 46 in. 22-HP V-Twin KOHLER Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower
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Cub Cadet makes our list of the top models on the shop today again with their XT1 Enduro Series Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower.

This influence-packed dynamo isn’t only incredibly inexpensive; it also delivers impressive performance and a smooth hydrostatic transmission that eliminates the requirement to shift gears.

With an impressive 18 HP Kohler OHV engine and 42” cutting deck, this is one of the most notable mowers in its class and cuts grass easily with clean, precise results.

Its rear-wheel-drive proffers great traction and handling and a 16” turning radius is great for getting into those hard-to-reach corners.

Raising or lowering the cutting deck is simple thanks to a fender-mounted lever and push-button cruise control lets you focus on steering instead of having to worry about maintaining the ideal speed.

This model from Cub Cadet is extremely comfortable to operate with adjustable seating, soft-grip steering wheel, and still a cup holder. And its built-in headlights ensure you’ll be getting the best mowing conditions any time of the day or night.

Why We Like It

  • 18 HP Kohler OHV engine with automatic hydrostatic transmission
  • Push-button cruise control
  • 42” cutting deck
  • huge steering with 16” turning radius


  • Engine Horsepower: 18 HP
  • Cutting Width: 42 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.0 Gal

Our Verdict

If you’re looking to mow lawns with faintly uneven terrain, this 18 HP rear-wheel-drive model is one of the greatest models out there for you. It delivers excellent performance and an impressively smooth ride. And at just over $1,800 it’s one of the most inexpensive buys on the market today.

2.Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
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Husqvarna is known for building high-class lawnmowers and the Z254 is no exception. This innovative model is part of their z200 zero turn series and gets the top spot in our list of the top riding mowers of 2020. Designed to deliver high act and power in a sleek, cutting-edge design, the Z254 takes the movements of mowing your lawn. Its 54” 12 gauge steel cutting deck is rugged and can make speedy work of any yard.

And its 26 HP Kohler 7000 Series Engine with best air filtration, chrome plated valves, finished bearing surfaces, and an oversized cooling fan was intended for power and durability.

A maintenance-free zero-turn transmission means you don’t have to spend costly time on maintaining this mowing tractor.

And, thanks to being intended to draw air from the top and bottom of the deck, it offers improved grass lift for excellent cut quality. For ease-of-use, the Z254 was intended with an ergonomic control panel that puts everything at the operator’s fingertips.

Add in some notable features like a bumper with integrated headlights, automatic parking brake system, and 3 anti-scalp rollers to defend your lawn, and you have one of the most remarkable mowers in its class.

Why We Like It

  • 54” steel reinforced cutting deck
  • 26 HP Kohler 7000 Series Engine
  • extremely powerful and reliable
  • Zero-Turn transmission for maintenance-free and smooth operation


  • Engine Horsepower: 26 HP
  • Cutting Width: 54 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.5 Gal

Our Verdict

The Husqvarna Z242 Z-Turn Mower is one of the most remarkable mowers in its class. Sturdy and reliable, this workhorse delivers excellent results but is incredibly easy to operate.

A powerful 18 HP motor and soft Hydrostatic transmission make driving this model a breeze and with its hard construction, it’s one of the smartest buys on the market today.

3.John Deere E100 Lawn Tractors

John Deere E100 Lawn Tractors
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This John Deere Lawn Tractor is perfect for maintaining your back yard or 2-3 acres of land. It slices through the grass with ease, has a brilliant turning circle, and excellent power and speed to get the job done rapidly.

With grass cutting height ranging from 1 inch to 4 inches, you’re in control of maintaining your lawn with a mower you can confidence.

Why We Like It

  • Cuts grass effectively with 2 blades
  • Sharp turning angles
  • soft easy operation steering wheel
  • Powerful John Deere engine, 17.5 hp
  • Made in Tennessee, USA


  • Engine Horsepower: 17.5 HP
  • Cutting Width: 42 Inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.4 Gal

Our Verdict

John Deere focuses on customers and the feature of their products, which is why this E100 model is ergonomic and comfy to sit in for long periods.

The steering wheel, levers, and foot pedal are well situated for simple access whilst using the mower, and there’s also clear visibility of protection features on the dash. With a wide 42 inch deck and two blades, this riding lawn mower is accessible, stable, and gets the job done well.

4.Troy-Bilt 382cc Riding Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower
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For homeowners with medium or big yards, the Troy-Bilt 382cc 30” Neighbourhood Riding Lawn Mower is one of the most impressive choices featured on our list.

This versatile mowing tractor combines the advantages of a standard rider with the compact size of a wide-cut walk-behind gas model.

With an influential 382cc, 6-speed transmission, auto-choke OHV engine, it can a top forward speed up to 4.25 MPH. And you can select the ideal cutting height for your grass thanks to its 5-position cutting height setting.

For comfortable use, Troy-Bilt designed this 382cc with an adaptable seat that rises to mid-back and a large 13” soft grip steering wheel.

For stability, this compact model was built with a 14-gauge cutting deck for improved stability and an 18” turning radius that allows you to manoeuvre just as simple as you could with a walk-behind lawnmower.

Why We Like It

  • Powerful 382cc 6-speed OHV engine
  • Wide 30” 14-gauge steel cutting deck
  • 5 different cutting height settings
  • simply manoeuvred with a great 18” turning radius


  • Engine Horsepower: 12 HP
  • Cutting Width: 30 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.3 Gal

Our Verdict

The Troy-Bilt 382cc is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable riding mower that can take the effort out of mowing medium-sized yards.

It lacks the wide cutting deck that other more costly mowers offer but it’s great for anyone looking for a machine that can be stored in a shed or garage without taking up lots of space.

Delivering great performance and easy operation as being as compact as a walk-behind model, it’s one of the most remarkable buys in its class.

5.Poulan Pro PP19A42 Riding Lawn Mower

Poulan Pro PP19A42 Riding Lawn Mower

Poulan Pro is an American brand that opened with two brothers in Louisanna, designing and making chain saws.

Over the years they have expanded and now proffer this PP19A42 riding lawn mower as part of their wide range. A great model with two large blades, comfortable seats and different cutting heights, this mower from Poulan Pro could be the one for you.

Why We Like It

  • 42-inch deck with a 10-year warranty
  • 19 hp engine
  • 6 cutting positions from 1.5 inch to 4 inch
  • The engine made in the USA
  • 2 large blades


  • Engine Horsepower: 19 HP
  • Cutting Width: 42 Inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.5 Gal

Our Verdict

With two-foot control pedals, forewards at 5 mph and backward, this mower is intended around you and your needs.

It has a tight turning radius to aid you to navigate around trees, flower beds, and the limits of your land. Well built and with a 10-year warranty on the large deck, this mower will stand the test of time and be capable of handle maintaining and neatening your land.

6.Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower

Husqvarna YTH18542 42 in 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower
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Husqvarna creates it onto our list of the top riding lawn mowers again with the YTH18542 Yard Tractor. This is a powerful, user-friendly workhorse that lets you tackle large landscapes as simply as if you were driving a car.

With tons of qualities and a sturdy build, it’s one of the most impressive choices available. Backed by an 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, a handle-operated hydrostatic drive FAST automatic transmission, and an auto-choke quality, this machine is maintenance-free, powerful, and starts with a turn of the key.

For stability, its 42” cutting deck features twin sheets of 13 gauge steel, a heavy-duty chassis, and cast iron axles.

Rear differential raises your traction when mowing wet grass or navigating inclines and 2 anti-scalp wheels keep your turf from damage. With an ergonomic design, an adjustable high back seat, and a relieve-grip steering wheel, it’s extremely comfortable to operate.

And with a simple electric cutting blade engagement switch and a fender-mounted deck lever all inside reach, you have all the controls you need right at your fingertips.

Why We Like It

  • Sturdy 42” cutting deck
  • Rear differential for improved traction
  • Ergonomic intend for comfort
  • Impressive 18.5 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine


  • Engine Horsepower: 24 HP
  • Cutting Width: 42 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.5 Gal

Our Verdict

Husqvarna YTH18542 is surely a premium purchase but it also delivers some of the most impressive results in its class. Powerful, precise, and simple-to-use, this machine is capable of tackling still the largest yards in no time.

And with its solid construction, headlights, remarkable features, and user-friendly design, it’s one of the tops buys out there for anyone seeking a powerful riding mower that will withstand years of heavy use.

7.Snapper 2911525BVE Riding Lawn Mower

Snapper 2911525BVE Riding Lawn Mower
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Designed for use on any size of the yard, the Snapper Riding Lawn Mower’s qualities are primarily focused on striking a subtle balance between small size and high grass cutting power.

Its compact 66-inch body weighs a comparatively light 300 lbs, making it easy to store in a small space, while its powerful 344 cc gas engine is more than able to efficiently cutting the grass of yet the largest of domestic yards, making this model of riding lawn mower a brilliant choice for more substantial scale domestic grass cutting tasks.

This ride-on mower does offer a mostly wide range of additional features, for example, user-friendly Controls, vertical stand-on-edge capability thus it’s a great storage saver. It also has a built-in hi vac mower deck, so it sucks up the grass clippings given that further finish on your lawn.

Why We Like It

  • 5 Variable speed opportunities
  • 28 Inch Cutting deck
  • Ergonomic design
  • HI VAC Mower Deck
  • 344 cc High powered engine


  • Engine Horsepower: 11.5
  • Cutting Width: 28 Inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.35 Gal

Our Verdict

The Snapper Riding Lawn Mower is a reasonably small gas-powered riding mower, offering a high level of flexibility and a compact body for easy storage in fairly tight spaces.

Its engine is powerful enough to make cutting larger grassy areas simple, and its seat and body are ergonomically designed to maximize relief and security during long periods of use in situations, for instance, trimming a large area of grass in an extended mowing session.

8.Husqvarna YTH24V48

Husqvarna YTH24V48
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Husqvarna gets another mention in our list of the best purchases on the market in 2020 with the Husqvarna YTH24V48.

This model is an exact workhorse that lives up to the brand’s solid reputation for high-class, high-performance garden tools.

Versatile, powerful, and capable of extremely impressive results, it’s one of the best grass cutting devices in its class. With a 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek 2 cylinder engine and FAST automatic transmission, the YTH24V48 offers quality performance and quality results.

The pedal-controlled transmission features a choke less start and needs less power to drive, translating to more cutting power.

Air induction increases the airflow within its 48” reinforced 13 gauge steel cutting deck, allowing for a reliable cut every time.

A fender-mounted cutting height adjustment deck lever and electric blade engagement method mean that everything is at your fingertips.

And with its adaptable seat and ergonomic steering wheel, Husqvarna makes mowing the grass with this model as easy as if you were driving a car.

Add in the compatibility with the brand’s lots of accessories like towing, snow removal, and mulching kits, and the YTH24V48 is an extremely versatile landscaping powerhouse.

Why We Like It

  • 24 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek engine
  • FAST auto transmission for soft pedal-controlled, maintenance-free performance
  • Wide 48” reinforced cutting deck
  • Access to Husqvarna’s complete line of accessories for unlimited flexibility


  • Engine Horsepower: 24 HP
  • Cutting Width: 48 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.0 Gal

Our Verdict

If you’re seeking one of the best mowers in its class, this model from Husqvarna is a terrific choice. This 670 lb riding mower is influential and built to withstand years of heavy use, making it a great investment.

It delivers the remarkable performance and high-quality results that you’d expect from a quality model. It leaves your lawn looking crisp and neat while being as easy to operate as an automobile.

And with your capability to use this machine with an assortment of yard accessories, it’s able to year-round use.

9.Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower
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If you’re looking for one of the most inexpensive riding mowers on the market, then the Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower is one of the top choices out there.

This powerful machine earns the 5th spot in our list and delivers dependable performance, durability, and some qualities that you’d only expect to find in many of the more costly models out there.

With an only 18HP Troy-Bilt OHV engine and a large 42” cutting deck with two Blades, this Troy-Bilt mower can tackle large properties simply.

And its 7-speed transmission dash panel lets you see clearly and to and adjust. And the front axle with an 18” turning radius allows you to navigate uneven terrain and make tight turns for less trimming work. A 5-position cutting height quality allows you to adjust the tractor’s cutting deck to match the desired length of your grass. And with the buy of optional attachments, you get an extremely versatile grass-cutting machine for a little over $1,600.

Why We Like It

  • 19 HP 19HP Troy-Bilt OHV Engine
  • 5 cutting Height Settings
  • 42 ” Cutting Deck
  • 18″ Turning Radius
  • 7-Speed Transmission


  • Engine Horsepower: 18 HP
  • Cutting Width: 42 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.36 Gal

Our Verdict

At just over $1,600, the Troy-Bilt 18 HP is one of the most inexpensive buys available on the market today. It’s capable of tackling hard terrain easily and provides the power and smooth, dependable performance that you’d expect from some of its pricier competitors.

If you’re looking for a simple but capable mower that is easy to use but capable of easing the burden of mowing your grass, it’s one of the smartest purchases that you can make.

10.Husqvarna Z242F 42 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z242F 42 Zero Turn Riding Mower
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Husqvarna makes it again on our list of the top mowers on the shop with the Husqvarna Z242F. This powerhouse yard tractor was designed to deliver remarkable performance and durability while being extremely easy to handle.

The Z242F is powered by an impressive 18 HP Kawasaki engine and Hydrostatic hydro-gear drive method for a smooth and easy ride, still on uneven yards. A 42” stamped steel-reinforced deck is tough as allowing you to mow large lawns in fewer passes.

And its 6-position cutting height adjustment allows you to rapidly set the perfect cutting height for your lawn.

Plus, as part of the Husqvarna Zero-Turn Radius series of mowers, the Z242F proffers a zero-turn radius. This suggests that you can turn your riding mower on a dime, navigate around obstacles with ease, and finish mowing the grass faster than with other riding models on the market.

And with foam-padded handle grips and a comfy, extra-high seat back, it delivers an extremely comfortable mowing experience.

Why We Like It

  • 19 HP Kawasaki engine
  • Electric clutch
  • Zero-turn radius
  • soft drive and performance with its Hydrostatic hydro-gear drive system


  • Engine Horsepower: 19 HP
  • Cutting Width: 42 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.5 Gal

Our Verdict

The Husqvarna Z242F offers some of the best comfort, stability, and performance of any riding model we’ve added on our list. With a 42” two-bladed steel deck and 19 HP Kawasaki engine, it’s influential and brings clean, precise cuts.

The zero-turn radius is extremely impressive and reduces operational time, saving your riding mower from unnecessary wear and tear.

Buyers Guide Questions

What is the Best Riding Mower for Hills?

A sloping or hilly landscape might add tons of character to your assets but it’s certainly not easy to mow. In fact, a lawn with hills can be up to 20 times tougher to maintain that a flat yard particularly if you’re trying to use a walk-behind model to mow uphill or downhill.

Fortunately, this is why these mowers are so convenient. While these powerful models make mowing the grass easy, it’s best to confirm that you purchase one that is perfect for uneven terrain. This will make sure that your rider is both efficient and not prone to slipping or tipping over.

One of the best choices for tackling hills on the market is the Husqvarna GTH52XLS Yard Tractor. This brand is a leader in tractors, riders, and other outdoor tools and this model is capable of tackling any demanding lawn simply.

The GTH52XLS features a great 24 HP Briggs & Stratton engine and a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission which lets you drive this mower without shifting gears.

A heavy-duty chassis and cast iron axles give the support that you need to navigate the slopes of your grassland while its 52” cutting deck makes fast work of even the largest piece of property.

And thanks to this model’s rear differential, it proffers increased traction when you’re driving on inclines or wet grass. Stable, dependable, and powerful, this impressive mower by Husqvarna proffers fantastic performance and is one of the best choices. If you’re looking for a riding mower that can handle the hilly terrain.

What are the Best Lawn Tractor Brands?

Since a reliable, high-class lawn tractor can cost up to $3,000. It’s important to make sure that the model that you’re planning to invest in is up to the task.

One smart way to ensure this is to attach to one of the best brands making riding mowers today. By purchasing a mower designed by one of these decent brands, you can expect dependability, high performance, power, and class results. A few of the best brands out there today are Poulan, Cub Cadet, and Husqvarna.

All three of these leading manufacturers have built a solid status for themselves thanks to their knack for offering high-class, powerful outdoor power tools.

All three brands offer well-designed, sleek mowers that are built from strong materials. These are capable of delivering years of class performance.

Under the hood, all of these manufacturers offer impressive specs with powerful engines and soft, automatic transmissions.

Husqvarna and Poulan intend their models with industry-leading Briggs & Stratton engines while Cub Cadet’s models tend to depend on the ample power supplied by dependable Kohler engines.

This power lets you to easily tackle any yard in no time, delivering impressively precise results. And with adaptability and ease-of-use in mind, you can’t go wrong buying a mower from one of these kinds.

Most offer the capability to use a variety of accessories that will allow your machine to do much more than just mowing the lawn.

Since these brands have designed their mowers with all of the controls within simple reach of the operator’s fingertips, you simply drive the mower across your turf like a car, letting the machine do all of the tough work.

What is the Best Rated Riding Lawn Mower Engine?

A quality riding lawn mower engine requires hitting a few checkboxes. The engine has to have the power you need to achieve the ideal cut, even on large lawns. It needs to be reliable, offering consistently fast starts with no hassle.

And it needs to be made from durable components that will let it last for years. Briggs & Stratton engines hit all of these requirements and are some of the best engines for mowers on the shop today. These engines were designed to deliver high-class performance with a minimum of hassle.

And with a range of options available. For example, single-cylinder and v-twin engines. These powerhouses can provide basic riders, zero-turn mowers, and full-scale tractors with large cutting decks. The best power they need to get the job done right every time.

The dependability and performance offered by B&S are why many of the top brands out there, such as Poulan and Husqvarna, depend on their engines to serve as a backbone for their lawn-cutting workhorses.

How to Start a Riding Lawn Mower?

Starting a ride-on tractor is actually unbelievably easy. Thanks to electronic systems, powerful engines, and soft automatic transmissions. Most of the models on the market today can be started in a matter of seconds.

To start your mower, you just need to adjust the cutting height of your cutting deck to your need setting. Most models now included fender-mounter levers that let you adjust this setting easily.

Then just climb into the seat of your rider and, depending on the model you own, either press the start button or turn the on/off switch.

Be grateful for their automatic transmission. These mowers don’t need you to shift gears or operate a clutch when changing speeds or switching from forward to reverse. Instead, you’ll usually just have to use a foot pedal to increase and reduce your speed.

And thanks to several models now offering cruise control, manufacturers have still made that task easier than ever before.

What to search for when buying a Riding Lawn Mower?

Riders are one of the best ways to tackle large yards simply, delivering professional results while requiring just a fraction of the effort that similar walk-behind mowers would demand. But before you go out and buy one, several factors need to be considered.

By looking at each of these items, you’ll be able to get the right option for your lawn. And also what type of riding lawn mower you want to buy.

Engine HP

Engine horsepower, or HP, is the measurement used to explain the engine’s power output. This power output is what’s available to be shared between the different components of these mowers. For example, the drive transmission, and the cutting blades.

The more HP the engine provides, the more power that can be distributed between tasks. For example, moving the vehicle across the lawn or up hills. As also providing the cutting power needed to make fast work of heavy grass conditions.

Due to the power needed to perform both of these tasks concurrently, mowers with a power output around 20 HP or greater are usually ideal for demanding or large properties.

Cut Width

The cutting size of the ride-on mowers measures how wide a swath of grass the tool can cut in one pass. Smaller, extra compact mowers can have a cut width as low as 30” while larger mowers can have cutting deck widths of up to 50” or more.

What requires to be considered is the size of your yard. If you have a lesser property or one with hard-to-reach spots and obstacles like trees that you’ll require to manoeuvre around. Then a smaller cutting width is great.

But if you have a large property with a fairly open layout, a larger model will allow you to tackle the job simply and in less time.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel capability of riding mowers describes how much gas each can hold in the tank. This usually correlates with the size of the model.

The main thing to be concerned with here is that you don’t want to purchase a model that doesn’t have the fuel capability required to adequately tackle your turf. The last thing you desire is to have to stop in the middle of mowing to refuel.

Due to this, while mowers with a small fuel capacity are rightly fine for medium-sized yards, mowers with a large fuel tank are better suited for large properties.


The transmission of a mower is what moves power from the engine to the wheels. This allows the machine to drive forward or in reverse. The three opportunities available are manual, automatic, and hydrostatic transmissions.

Manual transmissions have a variety of set speeds that you can select. Older models might need you to shift between speeds by using a clutch or even stopping.

This isn’t practical. Thus if you are choosing a manual model. Just make sure that it allows you to easily shift without using a clutch as your grass tractor is moving.

Similar in a car, an automatic transmission lets you control the speed of your tool with a gas pedal. This is great if you desire easier control over your ride or need to often slow down to drive around obstacles. A hydrostatic transmission is akin to an automatic one.

The difference is that these systems use fluid instead of belts to move power from mowers engines to their wheels. This fluid-based system delivers the smoothest ride on the market and normally needs the least amount of maintenance.


If you are someone who doesn’t have lots of time at hand but still needs an aesthetically pleasing lawn, a riding lawn mower is an exact right choice.

Similarly, if you don’t like to do manual work and require a device that will help you do the job at ease, a best riding lawn mower is accurately what you need. You also end up having lots of fun as using this is similar to riding a car. Most people love doing this.

A riding lawn mower can aid you to do multiple jobs, ease your load, and keep you relaxed. Though, it still needs attention from time to time, as has been mentioned above.

I wish you find this article useful. It helps you to choose an exact device that you necessarily require for your lawn.