It looks like pressure washer manufacturers are competing with one another about who has the most powerful unit, but many of them ignore the fact that people need a small, compact pressure washer for simple cleaning.

Fortunately, there are a couple of brands that have known the need, and we’ve conducted tests in an attempt to get the best portable pressure washer for the household.

Did you know that you can find a handy power washer that weighs less than 10 pounds, for less than 100 dollars? We have taken the time to get the top of the line units and write portable pressure washer reviews.

Also, featuring their best and worst traits, we will give an honest and unbiased opinion. We even went a step further and prepared an entire buyer’s guide to get a mini power washer.

Best Portable Pressure Washer Reviews 

1. Sun Joe SPX1000

Sun Joe SPX1000

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Small. Influential. Handy. This compact pressure washer has 1450 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) water pressure output and 1.45 Gallons per Minute.

For such a little handheld unit, this product packs immense power. Small pressure washers can typically handle light cleaning only, but this little Sun Joe can aid you to tackle dirtier surfaces.

This is an electrical power washer that arrives with a 35-feet long cord, which is sufficient to do the regular cleaning around the house.

This little fella is great if you want to speedily wash the dirt and mud from your porch, siding, patio, car, even some willful moss and muck build-up. You can choose it up with ease, or wheel it around, either way; it is a wind when the product weighs only 11.7 pounds.

This mini pressure washer also has a whole stop system and triggers a safety lock that will keep you from accidentally using the spray gun.

This product is sensibly priced (trying to avoid saying it’s cheap), and it can truly simplify the cleaning process. However, it’s mostly made from plastic parts, so you should expect the feature to be in line with its cost.

  • This has adaptable spray nozzle
  • It comes with 33-inch wand
  • It has 2-years warranty
  • Super-inexpensive price
  • it’s a handy little unit, the assembly is required

2. Greenworks 1500 PSI 13 Amp

Greenworks 1500 PSI 13 Amp

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This is also a powerful solid pressure washer that has a staggering 1500 PSI and 1.2 GMP output. Such a unit is easily able to tackle light to medium cleaning tasks, including the dirt and dust. You can place this Greenworks power washer both vertically and straight, whichever way is more stable during the use.

This mini power washer arrives with a handy soap applicator so that you can thoroughly clean any service. There are two fast connect nozzle tips that you can change with ease whenever you want since they are easily removable.

You can cover a huge area with a 35 feet long power cord. This power washer is certified by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association.

Move the unit with relieve – it only weighs 17 pounds.

  • Have extra protection
  • It comes with a safety feature on the power cord
  • Truly easy to assemble
  • It has enough power to tackle light to medium cleaning jobs.
  • Doesn’t have wheels, so you have to bear it around

3. AR Blue Clean AR112 1,600 PSI Hand Carry

AR Blue Clean AR112 1,600 PSI Hand Carry

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AR Blue Clean is an extremely powerful electric pressure washer that sports 1600 PSI water pressure output, with 1.58 gallons per minute. This means that it can simply conquer even dirtier surfaces and harder stains.

Another great thing about this solid power washer is the fact that it has tempered stainless steel plungers. That means that the corrosion is less possible.

This unit has an easy to use a spray gun and a nozzle lance. All extra equipment like a detergent bottle, high-pressure hose, and lance are particularly designed to fit the spray gun on the first try.

AR Blue Clean handheld power washer has an excellent reputation for safety. It doesn’t have wheels hence you will have to lug it around, but on the bright side, this unit only weighs 18.2 pounds.

  • Full 1-year warranty
  • It can automatically turn off System
  • It Has highest PSI and GPM output
  • Short return policy within 30 days

4. Sun Joe SPX200E 1350 PSI

Sun Joe SPX200E 1350 PSI

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This is a good cleaning unit that can handle easy pressure washing tasks, and for that purpose is ideal. It doesn’t belong to the extra powerful mini pressure washers on our list, with its 1350 PSI pressure out and 1.45 GPM. This Sun Joe arrives with a power nozzle that allows you to control the pressure output by twisting it.

Regarding the extra equipment, this handy pressure washer comes with an extension wand and garden hose adapter.

You can wrap most areas with a 35-feet long power cord; however, you will have to bear it by hand since this power washer also has no wheels.

This is not the maximum quality product with the most water pressure power, but it’s handy to have for easy cleaning chores.

The price tag corresponds perfectly to the product class, but if anything happens, it’s covered by a 2-year warranty. This is one of the least pressure washers on our list with only 9 pounds.

  • It has adaptable spray wand
  • You can switch from light to medium cleaning jobs with a single click.
  • You can tackle subtle surfaces and resistant patios.
  • It has 20 feet high-pressure hose powered by a 10-amp motor
  • The price is more than affordable
  • you cannot hook the foam cannon on

5. Sun Joe SPX6000C-XR iON Cordless Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX6000C-XR iON Cordless Pressure Washer

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It is the pressure washer with the lowest PSI output (only 1160 PSI), but for what it’s worth, it still finds the easy jobs done. The best-selling point of this handy power washer is that it’s cordless and arrives with a 40-volt rechargeable battery.

The pressure has to suffer for that matter, but with an 1160 PSI, it’s yet a handy bucket pressure washer that will allow you to wash your car, boat, RV, decks, patios, windows, outdoor furniture and everything else that doesn’t need that much strength. On the plus side, you can take it wherever you desire and do your cleaning.

This portable pressure washer with a water tank allows you to use the bucket for the water supply, or you can join it to the garden hose and use it as a regular power washer.

It’s a tad bit heavier with 19.8 pounds (when empty), but fortunately, you can easily move it around since it has 4 wheels.

  • The wonderfully-devised bucket design allows you to work without a steady water supply
  • It has 5 Amp battery
  • It comes with the lack of cords
  • This has 4 quick connect nozzle tips and a soap sprayer
  • Can’t handle anything distantly harder terrain like fields, construction sites

6. Aqua2go Pro Portable Pressure Washer

Aqua2go Pro Portable Pressure Washer

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The Aqua2go pressure washer on first glance seems fun and a piece of kit that has been practically designed to do its job. It arrives provided with a 6m length hose, a showerhead and a brush with a soap reservoir.

It also has the choice to plug it in if you so desire, so you can run it from your car’s 12v cigarette lighter rider the battery is low.

Weighing in at 7kg it is neither the heaviest nor the lightest pressure washer available though it is easy to move with its four wheels at its base and the choice of a trolley handle or a canvas shoulder strap to carry it around, meaning it’s a viable portable choice for your cleaning duties.

It does sit quite inconspicuously in the boot with only its bright green colour to draw the eye, they have bright orange choices too.

We have used this in the garden with our car as we do not have an outside water tap outlet. As it can hold 17-20 litres (depending on which of the two sizes you decide) it provides a good quantity of cleaning or watering, giving about 12 minutes (17-liter tank) or 30 minutes (20-liter tank) of use. 

Providing 3-8 bar in water pressure doesn’t give a great deal of power, however, this is perfect for small cleaning jobs that you’ll require to do when being an outdoor lover as well as being a “keeping your car fresh” lover.

Muddy boots, bikes, coats, wetsuits, water gear and more can all be cleaned using this device at house or out in nature.

The pressure is also gentle enough to clean muddy paws! Particularly if you have a spaniel who loves muddy puddles, this is a very good buy if you have multiple things to remain clean and make last longer.

  • Portable
  • Fun fashionable design
  • Trolley handle and wheels for easy moving
  • Canvas shoulder strap for simple carrying
  • No power or water connection needed
  • Adjustable spray
  • arrives with showerhead, brush with soap reservoir
  • 6M water hose
  • Heavier than other portable pressure washers available
  • Quite costly

7. Streetwize SWPW Portable Pressure Washer

Streetwize SWPW Portable Pressure Washer

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The Streetwize SWPW Portable Pressure Washer is extremely lightweight at 1.6kg and at a very small cost it’s stupid not to have one of these for your car if you find you, your dog or your gear finds regularly dirty or muddy. 

In all honesty, it doesn’t truly live up to the “power” pressure washer of its name but instead providing a portable choice to wash muddy boots, rinse of your tent or coat.

If you use the large brush attachment provided this will be able to help find off stubborn mud or dirt that would otherwise require better water pressure. 

There is also the advantage of a trigger lock to save your finger from holding the trigger down. You can tighten or loosen the end of the needle to control the amount that comes out. 

To open the tank you will require to first unlock by clicking it unlocked and then twisting it anti-clockwise. You will be capable of fill it with 8 litres of water.

Once you put the handle back on and lock it. You’ll be needed to pump the handle about 25 times to provide it with the pressure required for the water to come out. It isn’t the largest amount of water so this is for small muddy tasks and light tasks.

  • Very cheap
  • extremely lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • simple to transport and carry
  • Very little water pressure

8. Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer

Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer

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Looking like a small cute robot you may get on Star Wars the Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer arrives in a neat little package. With a small 4 little water tank, it makes it very convenient for any outdoor enthusiast to rapidly fill up with water and pop in the car awaiting a possible muddy return from your adventures.

It is all very light yet with a full tank of water inside. It takes very little space when transporting in your car boot, there is a very suitable hard plastic handle to the top of the washer which you can use to lift and move it.

You’ll then see you have two handles there one on top of the other. You have a hold on just the water tank which is the grey part to the top and then the larger handle joins to the pressure washer.

Once you lift the water tank off, underneath you will find a storage space that is sat on top of the pressure washer itself.

This holds the needle and hosing, it is all nicely concealed and means necessary parts aren’t going to go missing.

There is also a much larger storage box (that can be bought individually) that fits underneath the pressure washer that contains further accessories for example a brush, cloth and charging adaptor for mains use. 

The pressure of the water is 5 bar (75psi) which are rated as low pressure. This is secure for use against the skin, so if you are partaking in any challenges, for example, the tough mudder it can be used as a portable shower as well, this is one of the benefits of lower pressures; you aren’t going to hurt yourself when using it.

At this pressure level, it is also safe to use to aid clean up furry friends who like to be fairly partial to rolling in anything dirty and muddy puddles when out on walks.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to bear with handle
  • Can be charged from the car
  • Portable, perfect for cleaning small items
  • Comes with 3-year warranty
  • costly
  • No next day delivery

9. Rhyas Eco Portable Pressure Washer

Rhyas Eco Portable Pressure Washer

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The Rhys Eco Pressure Washer is slim and lightweight, it is extremely simple in design with two sturdy wheels to its base, and a simple grip handle to the top and a 2.55m hose.

There are 4 interchangeable nozzles. Do not expect to find a huge amount of water out as each nozzle is quite narrow as well with only providing the highest of 3 bar water pressure, a gentle tickle on the skin is what you’re going to find.

This, however, is all that is needed to clean a lot of small items that may find dirty when doing outdoor activities.

Another positive of this is that you can rinse off yourself and the majority of your gear without worrying about hurting or breaking your skin and equipment as some of the plugin power washers can be extremely powerful and dangerous.

To fill the tank you will require to unscrew the orange handle anti-clockwise, you will be able to fill it to 16 litres of water. With the tank providing 16 litres of water this does suggest it does last a good while making it fairly eco friendly.

There is no battery power to this portable washer, you just require to pump the water with the orange handle which requires a little more manual labour than battery-powered choices and then it’s just a case of pressing and holding the trigger. 

The Rhys Eco Portable Pressure Washer can be stowed away simply in the boot or if empty in the footwell of the passenger seats.

There is also a shoulder strap to bear it quickly meaning you can walk around your car or bike and rinse it off simply, it is a real portable solution to cleaning muddy gear.

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • inexpensive
  • Comes with 4 interchangeable nozzles
  • Small nozzle size



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The Karcher K2 compact pressure washer is a similar spec as the K2 Full control, though it is lighter and smaller. The compact pressure washer is 110 bar with a water flow of 360 l/h, the hose length is faintly shorter at 4m, bit adds to the compact and lightweight design.

The K2 compact pressure washer arrives with a trigger gun, a one-way lance and a dirt blaster lance that delivers exceptional cleaning performance.

There is also a 4 m high-pressure hose to provide you plenty of reaches and a detergent suction feature for easy application of detergent as you are cleaning.

Portable vs. Standard Pressure Washers

If you are looking for an answer as to which one to pick, then this is the right spot. Think about the surfaces you have to clean, the terrain nearby them, and think about the time you are willing to spend on such tasks.

If you just desire a unit that can help you wash your car and house windows, you can resolve all that with a handheld power washer. So, you can get some ideas below.

1. Portable pressure washers

You have light cleaning jobs that be made of refreshing the surfaces and washing the dirt and dust.

You don’t have time to join and wheel around heavy-duty units, especially if we are talking about short and easy tasks.

Price plays a vital part in the decision-making process. Small power washers are under 100 dollars, as standard units can go anywhere from some hundred dollars to more than a thousand.

You don’t plan on using the unit that often.

You have a lesser surface to cover. There’s no need for a large unit to fresh a small driveway or the front porch.

2. Standard power washers

There is a requirement for higher cleaning power, PSI, and GPM output.

You consider on using the unit for heavy-duty cleaning and hardcore stains like garage oil, track marks on the driveway, or gutters. Preparing a surface for the paint job needs a unit powerful enough to strip the previous paint layers.

The terrain is hard to reach. If you require a cordless but powerful unit, you can always go with a gasoline-powered pressure washer.

There are many different tasks you require to handle, from light to medium and heavy-duty cleaning. A model pressure washer can cover all that.

You need hot water power washing. Small pressure washers typically offer only a cold wash.

Portable Pressure Washers Advantages And Drawbacks


The main advantage of any compact power washer is its size. People buy portable pressure washers since they don’t want to lug the standard ones around the property. Smaller units weigh from 9 to 20 pounds, and model power washers can weigh anywhere between 30 to 60 pounds.

Mobility is the issue, particularly if you have a light cleaning task at hand and don’t desire to waste time wheeling out the big guy when a solid power washer can do the trick. Many people invest in a handheld power washer exactly due to this.

They have larger, more powerful units for heavy stains, and as they are so used to benefits of power washing, any lighter cleaning task is forwarded to the smaller washers.

Once you find hooked to one of the most powerful electric pressure washers from our reviews, you don’t desire to use the simple garden hose ever again.

The advantages are even more evident if you buy a rechargeable, cordless unit that is ideal for cleaning boats, cars, and smaller yard jobs like patio and furniture maintenance.

No cords, no power outlets. Besides, if for some reason you cannot plug the power washer to the water supply, or you have such a small cleaning task at hand that one bucket is enough, and then a canister pressure washer is a perfect solution.

Besides, a small water pressure output means that you will be getting the job done lacking spending too much on the electricity bill.


Fine, there aren’t many, but the main downside is the small PSI and GPM output, which also means diminished cleaning power. We have observed that many of these units arrive with a shorter warranty.

What Can You Clean With A Portable Power Washer?

There are many uses of portable pressure washers – they can serve as the ultimate cleaning device for different types of surfaces.

If you have grown tired of all the hustle that you have to experience when cleaning your patio or driveway, or any of that outdoor furniture, then a portable pressure washer is the answer to your problem.

With the assist of a handheld pressure washer, you can clean the fences of your garden or your vehicle too. It helps you to find the job done in no time.

You don’t have to use all day cleaning your outdoors. With this machine, you can do it in a second. No more rubbing the pine cones and needles off the patio.

Dogs messing up the concrete? The high-pressure washer will find rid of any stain. A good pressure washer can clean-up the mildew, fungus, and stains from almost any surface.

Portable Pressure Washer Buying Guide


Pounds per square inch are the number that signifies the power of water pressure, and gallons per minute mean how much water is flowing under that pressure. The larger these amounts, the higher the cleaning power.

Additional Equipment

It’s always nice to have a soap dispenser. Particularly if you want a thorough cleaning, but not the most powerful one. This solution is huge for very dirty but fragile surfaces like glass.

Other extra equipment for handheld pressure washers you can consider are an extendable hose, different nozzles, cleaning brushes, and different add-ons.

If for instance, you already know you need a soap sprayer, it’s better to buy a pressure washer that already arrives with one – that way you know for sure the item will fit. If somewhat happens, or if it doesn’t work as promised, you can always invoke your warranty.

You can barely use that warranty if you buy two items from different manufacturers, yet if the connector is standard.

Also, if you have to buy additional equipment, this is the cause of why you should stick with the same manufacturer. Sun Joe’s soap dispenser may not effort on the Greenworks pressure washer, etc.

Power Source

Think in advance for what purposes you require a small pressure washer, other than its handy. Will you always join it to the power source and water supply? Do you need a rechargeable battery or easy electricity? Think wisely and make your decision.


Are you buying anything to last you a season or two, or are you looking for the toughest unit? You will have to take into account that small, light-duty pressure washers aren’t built to endure years of use.

That is why producers make them from mostly low-quality plastic parts that can withstand low usage, and naturally, price them quite low compared to the standard units.

Every part used in these compact units is chosen based on several qualities – low price for parts and the lightweight.


Take warranty into consideration, particularly because these units aren’t built for frequent use. That means that any extreme use will affect their lifetime, and you need a fine warranty to cover your bases.


Pick the unit that has wheels – it’s just easier that way. Or, pick a product that you can happily carry around. It makes no sense to purchase a heavy handheld power washer.

FAQ About Compact Pressure Washers

1. What Kind Of Detergent Should I Use And How?

Well, first you require seeing if your pressure washer comes with a soap or detergent tank. If it doesn’t, test to see if you can buy it additionally. Some mini power washers don’t even have the choice for a soap dispenser.

Generally, pressure washer brands have their detergents, but you can always buy similar (or the same) brands at the supermarket. Pick between detergents for floor cleaning, vehicle cleaning, block and wall washing, patio cleaning and the rest.

2. How Often Will You Use Your Power Washer?

If you mean to do small cleaning jobs every week, invest in a compact but sturdier unit with a prolonged warranty. though, if you plan to occasionally make your life a little easier with a pressure washer, then the small one will be completely enough for your needs.

3. Is 1500 PSI Enough To Power Wash A Deck?

1500 PSI is more than sufficient to power wash a deck. You should be careful since 1500 PSI can still damage softwood and leave marks. Most of these portable power washers have a PSI below 1500.

4. To Wheel Or Not To Wheel?

All pressure washers on our list are small, solid units that can be easily transported. However, even though they are small, some arrive with wheels, and some you will have to carry around. Fortunately, all pressure washers in this article weigh less than 20 pounds.

5. How Much PSI You require to Clean the Car?

Something around 700 PSI is enough to power wash your car without leaving any dents on it. Every of these small pressure washers on our list will do a good job of washing your car.

6. How Much PSI You require To Clean the Driveway?

Concrete driveways need a bit more PSI for thorough cleaning. Some people claim you require at least 3000 PSI, which doesn’t make sense.

Yet 2500 PSI can end up damaging your concrete! The actual question is what you are trying to clean off of that concrete. A 1000 PSI is more than enough to fast clean the fallen leaves and pine cones, the soap dispenser is better for fighting oily stains, and so on.

A usual driveway cleaning can be achieved with these small units, but naturally, if you have a large driveway, it will take up extra time to pressure wash it with a solid product than with a heavy unit.

7. is 1500 PSI sufficient For Regular Household Chores?

Yes, all of these small power washers will give just enough PSI for cleaning patios, outdoor furniture, stairs, sidewalks, cars, boats, etc.

The similar goes for dirt and dust removal. Depending on the brutality of the stain and the crustiness of dirt and mud and muck, these units are huge for light cleaning jobs, while some with larger PSI and GPM can undertake medium chores.

8. How Far from the Surface Should I Hold the Nozzle?

It relies on the surface you are cleaning. The impact is larger if you hold the nozzle near the surface. But pay awareness, because if you use a powerful pressure washer with a large PSI and GPM output close to the surface, the water blast can hurt you. Put on coveralls and footwear with rubber insoles.

So far as cleaning is concerned, it’s not the same if you use a powerful water blast to wash the second story of your house, or you straight it to the wooden furniture. Please read the manual cautiously to see which surfaces can be cleaned with exact pressure output, and what nozzles you should use.


When you think about the advantages that a best portable pressure washer can carry, it’s evident that it’s always handy having such a unit at home, or the vacation house. Particularly at the vacation house, actually. Imagine not visiting a property for fairly some time, and then there is the part where you have to do the initial cleaning.

Your best friend can be a handheld pressure washer. We are talking about hours of cleaning time decreased to mere minutes.

Therefore, the conclusion is that it’s a good thing to have to lie around the house if you aren’t an avid cleaner that will use it each day. All power washers we described above are very handy, simply carried, and still pack enough power for a few serious (but light) cleaning.