Having your pool cleaner can save you the expensive expenses of hiring someone to keep your pool. If you’re in the market for one, you must have the best pool cleaners 2020 to efficiently care for your pool.

Finding the best cleaner for your pool shouldn’t take up your time. Our reviews of the top 10 selling products should steer you in the correct direction.

We looked for pool cleaners that have easy upkeep, can vacuum well, and is easy to adjust for more thorough cleaning.

Why Do You Need a Pool Cleaner?

Although it may seem evident why pool owners should invest in a pool cleaner, not all do so. There are many benefits to having your cleaner, but as always, be sure to buy the best pool cleaner so that you find the most out of it.


With a pool cleaner, there’s no be anxious about hiring a professional for regular maintenance. They are easy to use, and emptying them of debris is typically an easy, quick task. You can do it whenever you feel the require.


In most cases, the best pool cleaner lets you “set it and forget it”, so to speak. They classically don’t take much time to set up as most come prepared to use out of the box.

Good at Cleaning

Pool cleaners are effectual at doing their intended job. To keep your water free of debris and algae, then you may desire to consider purchasing one of these cleaners that do fine at filtering, vacuuming, and sweeping your pool.

1.XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum Climb Wall Pool Cleaner

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum Climb Wall Pool Cleaner
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This pool cleaner from XtremepowerUS features an adaptable design so that it can easier climb your pool walls and be used in different directions.

The hose length is adaptable as well for easier positioning. It includes a silicone, ripple appearance that can better handle stains. This also lets it work on pools of various finishes for example fiberglass, concrete, tile, and even vinyl.

  • Good longevity
  • Reaches corners well
  • Simple to assemble
  • Weights don’t always stay in position
  • Might clog

2.Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner
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Several see the Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid as the best pool cleaner that is relatively easy to use. All that’s needed to do is press a button and drop it into the pool.

It automatically starts to work, and it’s useful in most inground pools and all above ground pools. This is made with non-marring wheels that have a 2″ clearance to better go over the debris of different sizes. It also has self-contained filtration.

  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy motor
  • Removes a lot of debris from the floor
  • May not clean sides as well
  • Can find stuck in corners

3.Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner
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This Kreepy Krauly from Pentair is one more automatic cleaner believed the best pool cleaner for inground pools. With its SmartTrac Programmed Steering, it can improve navigate around obstacles. This agile machine can also get to tough-to-reach places.

It can in shape in incline, dish, and hopper-bottom pools as effectively cleaning over vinyl, fibreglass, and any other special surfaces. This even arrives equipped so that you can use this right away.

  • Simple installation
  • Scrubs walls well
  • Multiple hose sections
  • Leaves can attach inside the hose
  • May not go to the shallow end

4.Hayward Poolvergnuegen The Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction

Hayward Poolvergnuegen The Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction
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The Pool Cleaner is a powerful machine that you can find in either a 2-wheel intend or a 4-wheel design. When it comes to the tires themselves, the treads are patented and intended to assist the cleaner with climbing and overcoming problems.

The roller skirt is adjustable so that it can perform well on rough surfaces. For the turbine vanes, they’re self-adjusting to make sure full cleaning at maximum power.

  • Can suck up large debris
  • Fine instructions
  • Works fast
  • Might turn on its side
  • Hard time climbing walls

5.Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner
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With the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, keeping the cleaner is done with ease thanks to the top load filter. It can rub, vacuum, and filter your pool in below three hours.

For easier cleaning, there are dual scrubbing brushes. It qualities a patented swivel cable to cover the pool better. Besides, there’s smart navigation that scans your pool floor for cleaning.

  • Simple to clean filter
  • No cord tangling
  • Filters fine particles
  • Fragile filters
  • Looks to work too fast

6.Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
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If you’re seeking a powerful pool cleaner, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 may be the right option for you. It hooks up to a dedicated pressure line and from there, can clean, vacuum, and scrubs the bottoms and walls of any inground pool.

There’s a great opening to let it suck in larger debris like acorns. The filter bag has a large capacity as well so that it can handle harder cleaning jobs. Besides, for a specialized product for filtering, you can check out our pool filters for inground pools suggestions.

  • Can simply run all-day
  • Handles walls well
  • Quick setup
  • Might suck up its tail
  • Feeder hose can tangle

7.VINGLI Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner

VINGLI Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner
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VINGLI has an automatic pool cleaner that has the best rubber disks for wider cleaning. It can grip the walls and stairs as well as the floor.

This makes maintaining your pool easier all at a low cost, making it the best pool cleaner that is finances-friendly without sacrificing performance. It can go over different surfaces such as concrete and tile well.

  • Price-efficient
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy to set up
  • Might get stuck in corners
  • May not do as well with big debris

How to Choose the Best Pool Cleaner For Your Pool

To get the best pool cleaner for your pool, ask yourself these five questions.

What Debris Do You struggle With?

If you mostly effort with small leaves, dead insects, small rocks, etc. – a suction side cleaner will do.

If your pool is bounded by trees and often strewn with leaves, twigs, and acorns, a pressure side cleaner is best.

It will simply pick up medium and large debris and won’t wear out or break because of the lack of moving parts Most pressure side cleaners have optional filters able to picking smaller particles like sand, as well.

If your pool has a wide variety of debris from algae and fine sediment to large leaves and insects, then purchase a robotic pool cleaner.

These hardworking pool cleaners can handle all kinds of pool dirt. a few of the newest models like the Dolphin Premier arrive with interchangeable filters that you can apply depending on what kind of debris is in your pool.

What is Your Pool Type?

If you have an inground pool, you can use any type of pool cleaner, but robotic cleaners are especially perfect because they can pick all sorts of debris and climb walls.

If you have an above-ground pool, look for automatic cleaners exclusively made for above ground pools. There is lots of suction, pressure, and robotic cleaners intended to be used with these types of swimming pools.

Do You Have a High- or Low-Pressure Pump?

Check the pressure necessities of suction or pressure-side cleaner before you buy it.

If you contain a low-pressure pool pump (1/2-3/4 hp), there are models designed to work in such conditions.

Note that you can also find a booster pump to supplement the pressure from your main pump.

Or just get a robotic pool cleaner. As it is self-contained – it has it’s motor and filter –it doesn’t matter what pressure your pool drive has.

How Much Does An Automatic Pool Cleaner Cost?

Suction side pool cleaners are the best choice if you are on a tight budget. They start at $100, and the most costly ones are around $400.

Pressure side cleaner’s price somewhere between$200 and $900.

Robotic pool cleaners are the most costly. Most start at $500 while the most full-featured, largest capacity units go as high as $1,300.

How Much Time Do You Have to Clean?

If you have a busy schedule, I suggest a robotic pool cleaner. It takes just a couple of seconds to set up. Once you plug it in, just drop it into the water, and it finds it to work cleaning.

Some robot pool vacuum models arrive with programmable scheduling. You can set it to clean the pool at regular intervals automatically, yet when you are not at home.

In contrast, pressure and suction side cleaners require more time to set up and cannot clean your entire pool automatically, mainly on sides and stairs, which you will have to clean by hand.

What Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners Are There?

There are three types of automatic pool cleaners since summarized in the table below.

Side Pressure Pool Cleaners

Side pressure pool cleaners join to the pressure or return side of your pool system pump line. They depend on the pressure of the water coming back into the pool to function.

To apply a pressure pool cleaner, you join it to your pool’s return line. The water coming into the pool goes throughout the pool cleaner and is emitted by jets under the unit.

The pressure from these jets of water moves the pool cleaner along as also agitating any debris stuck on the pool surface.

If the pool cleaner has an integrated filter bag, it will gather most of the debris in the water. But smaller particles may pass through and find handled by the pool’s filtration system.

Cheaper pressure pool cleaners, particularly for above ground pools, completely depend on the pool’s filter to catch the stirred-up debris and particles.

More costly units like the Polaris 280 carry their filter bags, which can be interchanged to hold the size of debris you are most concerned about removing.

One big drawback of side pressure pool cleaners is they are not clever – they move around randomly, and if the hose finds too cold/firm or kinked, they will miss entire sections of your pool’s floor.

Another matter with side pressure pool cleaners is they cannot climb walls nor stairs. They only clean the floor.

Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners are joined to the suction side of your pool water system. This is the exit where pool water flows out of the pool for filtration.

They apply the suction pressure from the pump to move around the pool as they clean.

Most suction pool cleaners just clean the floor and cove, but some like Kreepy Kraulys can climb walls using a rubber disk that attaches to the pool surface.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the most higher and hands-off automatic pool cleaners you can purchase today. They use electrical power for motion and water vacuuming and do not depend on your pool’s pump to move – nor do they rely on your pool’s filtration system.

A robotic pool cleaner is made of a motor that drives wheels or tracks, a filter cartridge to gather debris, and a cable connecting it to a 12V (safe) power source.

Unlike suction and pressure cleaners that apply pressure for movement, robotic cleaners use 12V DC electricity.

They are short voltage and well insulated to prevent short-circuiting or a shock. Generally are connected to a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet, which directly cuts off power if it detects an electrical problem.

The cheapest robotic cleaners move around your pool aimlessly for 2-3 hours then stop. They use brushes joined on the underside to scrub debris off the pool surface. An integrated vacuum then pulls the water throughout filters to collect the debris.

Higher robotic cleaners use an intelligent scanning and/or navigation system. They can notice the size and shape of the pool and determine the most capable cleaning path. They can also tell where they have cleaned, thus do not waste time passing over the same areas again.

More costly robot vacuums can be programmed to run at specific times of the day and days of the week. Some also arrive with remote controls you can use to direct the units to focus on problem areas.

Robot pool cleaners are usually a bit heavy – 20 lbs are normal – so if you have back issues search for units that lift themselves automatically and that have top-loading filter cartridges that are easier to eliminate.

What Type of Pool Cleaner Should You Buy?

Use a suction side pool cleaner if:

  • You are on a firm budget.
  • You mainly struggle with medium-sized debris on the floor of your pool.
  •  Want something simple & cheap to maintain.

Use a pressure side pool cleaner if:

  • You don’t desire to buy a $1,000 robotic pool cleaner.
  • You mainly struggle with medium and tree/large debris.
  • Want your pool filter to last a long time.

Use a robotic pool cleaner if:

  • You desire something that will clean all kinds of debris.
  • You want to clean while you are not home.
  • Then, You have a non-standard or freeform pool shape.
  • You desire to save on utility bills.

What Are The Benefits of Using An Automatic Pool Cleaner?

Cleaner Water

An automatic pool cleaner will do a better job than most individuals can (or ever will) with a brush.

Automatic cleaners go for 3 hours or more, which is lots of time to clean every inch of the pool surface.

Automatic pool cleaners are particularly helpful if your pool tends to get dirty regularly, or you suffer from oak tree debris as we do at my house. If you use a suction or pressure cleaner, you can depart your cleaner in for days at a time.

If you use a robotic cleaner, 1 or 2 cycles should be enough to find all the debris, sand and algae out.

More Time for You

Yeah, so this is the biggest advantage for most people.

Scrubbing and vacuuming a pool takes wherever from 30 mins to 2 hours, depending on how dirty it is. If it has gone an entire season without use, you might have to clean it frequently for days before it’s clean enough to swim in.

You could hire a pool guy for $20-50 an hour, but those prices pile up fast when your pool gets dirty every week.

An automatic cleaner requires just 3 hours to get your water sparkling again. And with lots of of the most modern units, you can program it to run when you’re not home.

Extend The Life Of Your Pool

There is no hesitation that a clean and well-maintained pool lasts longer. Too many algae, sediment, and debris can harm your pool. And repairing a pool costs $1,000s at a minimum.

Automatic pool cleaners also decrease the wear and tear on your pool pump, heater, and water lines. In exacting, side pressure and robotic pool cleaners gather most of the debris in their filter bags and cartridges, rather than directing it towards your pool’s filtration system. This decreases the back pressure on your pool’s filter and pump, ensuring they last longer.

Save Energy

Pool pumps consume lots of electrical power when they run. A typical Florida house will spend $300 per year powering their pool pump.

With a cleaner pool, you don’t need to run the pool pump as often. So you save money.

Without an automatic pool cleaner, a pool owner requires to run their pool pump for 4-8 hours to efficiently filter an entire pool’s worth of water.

If you instead depend on an automatic cleaner to get most of the debris and algae outrunning it for 2-3 hours you may be capable only to run the pump full-on every few days.

Robotic pool cleaners are particularly energy-efficient. Because robot pool vacuums consume 12V DC power and use clever navigation algorithms to minimize cleaning time, they price FAR less to clean a pool than an in-line pump filter, a conservative side pressure cleaner, or a suction automatic pool cleaner.

What Else Do I Need To Buy?

When buying an automatic pool filter, test whether there are any extra accessories you need.

Side pressure side cleaners may need a separate booster pump to take pressure load off of your normal pump and/or to raise the water pressure.

For all automatic cleaners, you may require to buy extra filter bags to collect different sized debris, depending on your needs.

Ultimately, some heavier robotic pool cleaners and larger suction cleaners proffer optional caddies that make it easier to lift and move these heavy units.


Having the best pool cleaner can make sure that your pool remains free of dust and debris that can damage the condition of your water.

Many of them can be put to work on cleaning without you monitoring it, saving you on time. If you have any considerations about the products we choose to review, let us know in the comments.