Are you looking to add comfort to your everyday wardrobe? Most men are but think first of a comfy pair of jeans or dress pants or a shirt that fits completely and doesn’t feel scratchy or rough on the skin. You as well can add comfort by adding a bathrobe to your wardrobe. Bathrobes are supposed for comfort and have a lot of uses. And don’t forget to picture yourself settling into your couch on an idle Saturday morning, a mug of coffee in hand, all while wrapped in your favourite Best Men’s Robes.

In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the most excellent bathrobes, including the COSMOS Hooded Herringbone Robe, which is our pick as the best robe for men.

We’ll as well discuss some robe-buying tips, as well as the many ways that you can use a robe.

Quick summary

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Before you buy: 8 Things to believe when purchasing a men’s robe

Ah, the choices. Choosing a robe for you may be more difficult than you think – or maybe not. Either way, here are several tips to consider while you’re shopping for a robe that fits your all needs.

The type of fabric

The fabric isn’t the whole thing when it comes to robes, but it’s almost everything. Finally, it affects how you feel when wearing your robe, and if it feels painful what’s the point? Also, the type of fabric tells you a lot about the excellence of the bathrobe.

The most comfortable robes characteristically consist of terry cloth cotton and waffle weaves. Terry cloth is thick, plush, and undeniably comfy, while waffle weave – made of cotton or microfiber – is lighter and thinner.

Robes made of waffle weave fibre aren’t as warm terry cloth robes, but you’ll often find them in spas where the main purpose of a robe is only to cover yourself up. Let’s dig a bit deeper into fabrics:


Cotton fabrics are for all time a go-to option for bathrobes, since, for one, they’re highly absorbent. The natural absorbency of cotton robes makes them perfect for slipping into right after a cascade.

There are two types of cotton: low-medium grades used in blended options and mass-produced supplies and high-grade cotton that includes Egyptian, Turkish, and others.

There is a pair of things you should consider before purchasing cotton robes, however: 1) cotton wrinkles effortlessly, and 2) it shrinks when washed. Several manufacturers combine cotton with polyester to deal with those issues.


Different cotton, polyester is manmade but often blended with strand so the bathrobe doesn’t shrink or wrinkle too rapidly. Polyester blends include microfiber and microfleece and feel plush and glossy. That fluffy robe you loved so much at a luxury hotel most likely is microfiber or microfleece.

You’ll locate robes made of other fabrics – such as silk and cashmere – but cotton and polyester are the most admired options.


Numerous people think that bathrobes feel best when they have a bit of looseness. That said, chose your size, therefore; if you want a roomier robe, pick one that’s a size larger than your standard size.


Decide on how you’re going to use your robe. Is it severely for use after you first get out of the shower? Or do you require more of a spa, lounging-around robe? Don’t be anxious if you plan to use it for both purposes, because there are plenty of versatile robes available that can handle every need.

The robe’s colour and shading

Several people opt for a simple white robe or one of standard colours, while others like to believe outside the box and seek a robe that has odd shading or colour.

There’s nothing wrong with the latter, particularly when you consider that it’s likely that few people will ever see you in your robe – outside of relations and those who live with you.

Does it have a hood?

Some robes come with a hood (and pockets), which is useful if you prefer to keep your house at a cooler temperature.

How does it close?

A lot of bathrobes have a belt (made of the same material as the robe) those ties around the waist to keep them closed. There’s nothing wrong with this process, except that it may leave your neck and chest exposed to cooler air.

Former robes may have buttons or a zipper. It’s all a matter of individual choice.


Mainly robes come with pockets, and they’re not a bad option. Pockets keep your hands warm, for one, but you as well can use them to store things: phone, tissue, the TV remote, etc.

Try it on!

Except you’re ordering your robe online, always try it before you buy it. Try it on and see how fits. Is it loose adequate or too loose? How far does it extend down your legs? several people prefer ankle-length robes; others prefer the bottom of the robe to end just beyond the knee.

After that, let’s take a look at the best men’s robes for this year.

The best men’s robes 2021

1.COSMOZ Hooded Herringbone Men’s Black Soft Spa Robe


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Rest assured, there are plenty of high-quality men’s robes available, so finding those that stand above the rest is a tackle. The COSMOS Hooded Herringbone robe is one of those, though, and we think it’s the best men’s bathrobe.

Consequently, what do we like about it? Let’s look:

  • The COSMOZ hooded robe consists of 100% polyester coral fleece fabric and feels huge whether you put it one right after showering or are wearing it around the house while trying to relax.
  • It’s warm enough to wear during the chilly months but also light sufficient to keep you from overheating when the temps start to rise.
  • The fabric is both soft and eco-friendly.
  • The robe is long enough to cover up your shins while keeping your whole body warm.
  • There are two large, patch pockets on either side of the robe to provide further warmth.
  • There’s also a large hood to provide even more warmth, and you’ll love its roominess.
  • The robe comes in “midnight black” with grey tidy and looks sharp.
  • Double belt loops with a tie provide a norm fit.

The COSMOZ men’s robe is machine-washable. Wash it in cold water with clothes of similar colour and then dry it on low heat.

  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Traditional style with patch pockets, twice loops, and a belt
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Size it warily, because its length may come up short

Bottom Line

The COSMOS Hooded Herringbone bathrobe is a fine investment that won’t leave you disappointed. From its fit to its adaptability, it’s a robe that you should consider adding to your closet.

2.Arus Men’s Hood’s Full Ankle Length Hooded Turkish Cotton Bathrobe


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There’s some debate about which yarn is better – Turkish or Egyptian. While you can’t go incorrect with either, Turkish cotton has its share of advantages. It’s as well one of the reasons we’ve included the Arus Men’s Hooded Turkish Cotton Bathrobe on our list.

Turkish cotton’s advantages include that it’s rapid drying, that it pushes water off of your skin, that it prevents mildew, and that it’s simple to pack.

It’s also very comfortable, which is another reason to choose Arus Men’s robe. The Arus robe is complete length (reaching almost to your ankles), hooded, and, as mentioned, made of 100% Turkish terry cotton. We think it’s the best terry cloth robe available these days.

The cotton used in all of Arus’s bathrobes has extra-long fibers grown in the Aegean area. The cotton has bigger absorbency and is considered “High Grade,” which is the highest grade of cotton.

The Arus Full Ankle Length robe comes in five sizes, with length up to 59 inches. It’s as well available in women’s styles and sizes.

What else? The robe comes with side patch pockets, two belt loops, a wide-cut hood, and a wide belt. The sleeves are longer and come with adaptable turn back cuffs.

  • Made of high-grade Turkish cotton
  • Excellent absorbency
  • Comes with a roomy hood
  • Be watchful that it doesn’t shrink too much when washing

Bottom Line

You can buy the Arus men’s hooded robe with the self-confidence of knowing it’s made of the best material. It feels and looks fine and helps push water off the skin after you’ve showered.

3.Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Robe


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With a 100% terry cloth cotton exterior and a soft polyester interior, the Alexander Del Rossa men’s strand bathrobe feels like your favourite sweatshirt.

And, like your favourite sweatshirt, it keeps you warm and comfy whether you’re in the midst of your morning grooming routine or lounging around the house on an idle Saturday.

There are many other reasons why we’ve included this robe in this list, such as its deep frontage pockets that are roomy enough to hold your cell phone, or even the remote, and that – while it’s a fine fit for any man – it’s an excellent fit for men with bigger, more athletic builds.

But there’s more: the Alexander Del Rossa men’s bathrobe comes with a comfy hood that’s guaranteed to keep your head, neck, and ears warm, even during that cool morning when you’ve turned the heat down to save a little buck.

This robe as well comes with double belt loops that help provide a custom fit, double stitching that helps ensure its long life, and chemical-free dyes. It’s also easy to wash, which isn’t forever the case with “luxury” style robes, and easy to dry (with the dryer set on low heat).

Nonetheless, it all comes down to how it feels when worn and this cotton robe gets elevated marks for comfortability.

  • 100% cotton exterior
  • Good for bigger, athletic builds
  • Durable
  • Sleeves are shorter than on some robes

Bottom Line

The Alexander Del Rossa cotton robe gets high marks for comfort, versatility, and toughness. It’s an ideal robe to step into from the shower or just for lounging about on an indolent day or evening.

4.Turkish Towels Original Terry Shawl Bathrobe

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The folks at TurkishTowels invite you to sense the comfort and luxury of their bathrobes, and it’s trouble-free to see why. Their robes are made of 100% combed Turkish cotton and not just feel great but look great, as well.

Simply put, it’s tough to beat the craftsmanship and style of this robe, which is suitable for men, women, and teens, but besides ranks as the best comfort men’s robe. We think you’ll like its many features, including:

  • A wide, shawl collar that provides comfort and warmth
  • Stitch-free tailoring that exemplifies it is in general craftsmanship
  • Handy – and roomy – front pockets
  • A sewn-in hanger loop
  • Super-absorbent, OEKO-TEX terry cloth that rapidly and effectively absorbs moisture, whether you’ve just stepped out of the shower, bath, or emerged from the jacuzzi or swimming pool
  • 5-inch double-sided cuffs
  • A handy, reusable zipper bag that as well can store other garments

While this robe isn’t inexpensive, we think it’s well worth your asset.

  • Made of 100% Turkish cotton
  • Has a luxury feel and look
  • Good for men, women, and teens
  • Size it cautiously, because there may be some shrinkage

Bottom Line

The TurkishTowels robe is one of the top all-around bathrobes you’ll find. It’s comfy, it looks good, it’s highly-crafted, and is super absorbent.

5.NY Threads Men’s Fleece Bathrobe


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Coral fleece is the thicker, “furrier” type of fleece and is an ideal material used to make robes. It’s as well why the NY Threads Men’s Fleece Bathrobe feels so soft and comfy – perfect for a day of lounging around the house.

Coral fleece robes are as well super absorbent and ideal for putting on after a shower when you still have additional moisture on your skin.

Except back to the NY Threads Men’s Fleece Bathrobe. Among other reasons we include it in our robe reviews is that it has an enormously soft and plush shawl collar that contributes to the robe’s overall comfort.

Many customer reviews suggest that the fleece lining makes the robe feel as comfy as a favourite blanket.

The NY Threads bathrobe also comes with a belt and two side pockets that are roomy sufficient for your hands, cell phone, or even the TV remote.

This robe comes in two sizes and in a diversity of colours and designs from which to choose. It’s also easy to care for: only place it in the washing machine individually without using bleach or fabric softener. Small laundry detergent and warm water will do the trick.

  • Comfortable fleece lining
  • Plush shawl collar
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sleeves may be a bit longer than usual

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the finest fleece robe, look no further than the NY Threads Men’s Bathrobe. You’ll feel affection for how it feels and its absorbency.

6.Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe


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Well-groomed men appreciate comfort and method. If it looks excellent and feels good, what’s not to like?

The Ross Michael Men’s Hooded Robe is a bit that we like, for sure, and we think it’s something you’ll like, too. It looks good, it’s sensible, and it feels good enough that you can wear it around the house in total comfort.

Defined as a “kimono-style” robe, the bottom of the Ross Michaels’ robe extends just beyond the knees to provide total coverage and warmth on a cold winter evening. Yet, it’s also lightweight and doesn’t feel “heavy” the longer you wear it.

The Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe comes with interior ties that provide extra security and provide the self-confidence of knowing your robe won’t suddenly come open (which is not a good thing if you’re entertaining guests).

You’ll as well love its roomy sleeves that give your arms ample space without feeling constricted.

Like many other excellence robes, it comes with two extra-large pockets that allow you to store your phone or another device that you want to keep within simple reach.

If you’re hesitant of sizing, the folks at Ross Michaels suggest selecting a size up for comfort. They as well advise that you should wash your robe in cold water and then dry it on a low heat setting.

  • Comfortable enough to wear all-day
  • Lightweight but warm
  • Classic look and style
  • Some reviewers report excess lint issues

Bottom Line

You’ll find the Ross Michaels men’s hooded robe listed in numerous reviews for the best robes for men, and with good reason. It’s realistic yet stylish, and you’ll love its comfort.

7.Intimo Men’s Classic Silk Robe


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The script for a romantic evening doesn’t just have to include a woman in silk. Instead, why not dress the man in a silk robe that adds another touch of class to the encounter?

Well, even if you don’t buy it only for intimate encounters, the Intimo Men’s Classic Silk Robe is a huge choice if you want the feel of elegance and luxury in your life. Besides, it’s very comfortable, and you’ll look great in it.

The Intimo men’s robe consists of 100% silk and includes two cutaway pockets, plus an upper body pocket that adds an added dash of flair. It as well comes with a belt.

You can decide between 4 colours when purchasing the Intimo robe: black, red, navy, and maroon. It as well comes in small, medium, large, Xtra large, and XXtra large sizes.

While you can wear this robe during all seasons, it’s particularly comfortable for those warm summer nights and will feel cool against your skin.

  • Excellent texture
  • Strong craftsmanship
  • Great for warmer climates
  • Inconsistent sizing

Bottom Line

Anything with silk tends to entail elegance, and the Intimo Men’s Classic Silk Robe is no exception. You’ll feel like the lord of your castle in this robe, and we don’t see anything incorrect with that.

8.Cashmere Boutique Full-Length Robe


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Are you one of those men who like to treat now and then? Or, often? If so, you need to make sure out the Cashmere Boutique Full-Length Robe.

There’s nothing cheap – or inexpensive – about the Cashmere Boutique Full-Length Robe, but you’ll as well pay for what you get: a superior excellence robe made of the finest materials. Made of 100% cashmere sourced and woven in Nepal, it’s decadently comfy but durable enough to last you for years.

In case you didn’t know, cashmere comes from cashmere goats that live in the often cruel weather climates of Nepal. They’ve adapted, partly, because of wool that is incredibly dense and warm. In other words, it’s more than up to the task of keeping you cosy on a cool morning inside the house.

The Cashmere Boutique Full-Length Robe is as well frivolous, further adding to its second-to-none comfort. As its name suggests, it’s a full-length robe that extends to your ankles and comes with a strap that ties around the waist.

A word of caution: make sure that you read the washing instructions warily. It requires subtle care but will last you for years if you launder it accurately.

  • Amazing softness
  • Made of 100% three-ply cashmere
  • Comes in a variety of vibrant colors
  • Requires careful laundering

Bottom Line

This isn’t a robe for a celebrity who is pinching pennies, but if you’re looking to spoil yourself, it’s a worthwhile asset. It’s the best cashmere robe obtainable, and you’ll love the way it feels.

The many ways to use a robe

There’s no rule about when and how you wear a robe – hey, if you want to wear it to mow your lawn, so be it (be wary of your neighbours) – except most people wear them during certain occasions or times of the day. though, don’t limit yourself!

Wearing it correctly after you get out of bed

Ah, that feeling of comfort and cosiness when you put on your cape and head to the kitchen for your first cup of coffee. You’ll motionless feel like you’re tucked between the sheets since you start the process of starting your day.

Wearing it after a swim

Stepping out of the pool after a refreshing swim can be a bit, fine too invigorating as your body feels the chill. Instead of drying off with a hand towel, why not slip into a robe for instant warmness and comfort, instead?

You can cut back on towels

A bathrobe is as fine as, if not better than, a towel when you step out of the shower. You may still require a towel to (gently) remove excess moisture from your hair, but you’ll almost certainly use fewer towels overall.

Use them as pyjamas

Planning for an indolent Saturday or Sunday? A bathrobe is the wonderful lounge-around item of clothing that has a more luxurious feel than your pyjamas.

Therefore, kick back, relax, and let your mind decompress after a long work week and make sure you have a good duo of slippers, too.

Wear it when you’re not feeling well

A nasty cold or influenza may force you to stay home as you seek comfort and healing. Pamper yourself by wearing your bathrobe, still if you’ve decided to go back to bed. You deserve the extra dose of self-care.

Wear your robe during chores

There’s no reason why you can’t wear your robe while doing basic chores around your home. Who says you must dress in daily clothes to put the dishes in the dishwasher or to clean the dog’s food bowl? For that matter, who said you couldn’t take out the garbage in your bathrobe? Make those tedious tasks more manageable by dressing for comfort.

Wearing it in the winter

When the temperatures dip below freezing, you can feel it not simply in your house or apartment but in your bones. Wearing your robe helps protect you from the basics while letting you know that it’s OK to face the cold (which is a great motivator as you consider getting out of bed in the dead of winter).

Work from home? Wear a robe!

People who work from home don’t typically have to follow the same kind of dress code as people who work in an office. If you’re one of those people, why not make things as comfy as possible. Put on your bathrobe, a nice pair of socks and slippers, and get ready for the everyday grind!

How we picked our best robes for men

We took a lot of things into deliberation in our search for the best men’s robes for 2020, not the least of which is comfort. Finally, “comfort” is one of those words that pop into mind when you think about wearing a cape, and if your robe isn’t comfy, why bother?

Other factors influencing our options contained the fabric (cotton, fleece, cashmere, etc.) and overall craftsmanship. In some cases, robes represent a sizable asset, and the one you choose should last you more than a couple of years.

We also considered the value, and our intent always is to include products that fall into large price ranges.


As always, we’d love to listen to you! Do you have a favourite bathrobe? Have you shabby any of the robes listed in our reviews? We welcome your advice and suggestions.