Here at the 10bestsales, we like to believe in ourselves as crazy (in a good way) about the stuff we buy, but as great as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s option, in which we find the best Halloween Masks and single out the mainly convincing ones? (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick every item here.)

And as we’ve written about lots of Halloween-related things — including the most attractive Halloween decorations, the best Halloween makeup, and the best provisional Halloween hair color — here we’ve rounded up the best Halloween masks, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated Halloween mask

Star Wars Roaring Chewbacca Mask

More than 70 percent of reviewers gave this Chewbacca mask five stars, with many fulfilled shoppers including pictures of them wearing the mask.

Lots of reviewers like that it make growling noises. “Great!” one writes. “I think I counted about five dissimilar Chewbacca roars and growls, and they actually sound authentic.” Other reviewers used this mask as part of their family’s Halloween costumes. “Grandma wore this for Halloween while we all dressed as Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Roaring Chewbacca Mask

A few kids were scared of her at first, but it was great fun,” writes one customer. One more shopper, who checked out lots of Star Wars masks on the market, information, “This is the best of all the Star Wars electronic masks out right now. It doesn’t try to modify your voice.

It has Chewie’s voice when you open the mouth … My wife and I loved this so greatly that we bought another one for ourselves and one more for a friend. We haven’t laughed so hard about a toy yet. This mask is absolutely worth every penny.”

CASACLAUSI Jason Halloween Mask

For a less costly — and creepier — Halloween mask, reviewers raved about this Jason hockey mask. “I was a little shocked at how huge this mask looked for 8 bucks, but wow, I’m completely digging it,” writes one shopper, who calls it a “great mask for the money.”

Another says, “This is a well-made mask that looks genuine with the distress and scratches.” Even shoppers who speak they have large faces and heads report that it fits comfortably. “All I can speak is GET IT,” writes one. “This mask is worth every currency.

CASACLAUSI Jason Halloween Mask

I have a large face, and joint with a ski mask (so I don’t have to put makeup on the side or ears), it makes a huge combo. The strap is elastic and easy to put on; large quality build (for the price), meaning that it is plastic, but it doesn’t bend or crack effortlessly (I tested it).

I’m super-satisfied.” And another says, “It actually fits my big head. If you have a problem finding a Jason mask that fits your face (like me), then this is the one you wish for.”

Luxury Mask Women’s Laser slash Metal Venetian Pretty Masquerade Mask

Lots of shoppers wore this, which many explain as “beautiful” and “gorgeous,” to masquerade balls. “Perfect for the ball we attended,” writes one. “They are gorgeous. We got complimented all night. They shape completely to the face, any way you want.”

A few other reviewers also remark on how well this mask melds to their faces. “Beautiful and reasonable,” write one. “It’s amazing how easy it was to manipulate to fit my face. Oh, I will be having tons of enjoyable with this mask.” Another call this “amazing mask.

Luxury Mask Women’s Laser slash Metal Venetian Pretty Masquerade Mask

It’s very strong yet simple to bend and meld to your face shape. The jewels give it a pleasant elegant look, and the eye holes are big enough to see during.

It’s also super comfortable and easy to put on.” And one reviewer notes that this mask could be helpful even after Halloween, explaining, “I could see it being fine for a prom or other dance/party with the right theme to it.”

Coaxer Venetian Masquerade Mask

For a slightly less expensive but at rest masquerade-ball-worthy option, shoppers adore this cat mask. “This mask is super cute, fun, and just what I require for my Halloween costume this year,” writes one.

“The features of lace, feathers, and diamonds make it look like a lofty-quality mask, which would also be huge for a masquerade party.” Another describes it as “easy to wear, light enough to not be uncomfortable.

Coaxer Venetian Masquerade Mask

Grand price, others at the dance paid four times as much.” The mask also worked fine for shoppers putting together more exact costumes.

“Very sexy. I ordered these for a costume party and dressed as Catwoman. Everybody loved the mask because you could at rest see my eyes and the makeup. Was just lovely,” says one.

CreepyParty Pumpkin-Head Mask

“It actually is very creepy,” writes one reviewer of this pumpkin mask. “Used it Halloween night for trick or pleasure and scared plenty. It’s fairly roomy, so you have room for wearing glasses and there’s no trouble breathing.” Another writer, “Great quality and extremely affordable price.” And this mask isn’t presently for people.

CreepyParty Pumpkin-Head Mask

Some shoppers used it as a finishing touch to their Halloween decorations: “presently what I was looking for to give my scarecrow a scary personality,” one explains. Another says, “This is closely what I was looking for. I made a scarecrow and put this as its head and look amazing and simply get compliments from neighbours. Fantastic-made, amazing detail. Love it.”

Creepy Party Unicorn Mask

“These masks are funny and scary all at the damn time,” says one shopper. Another describes it as “creepily amazing, scary-looking yet so funny.

Use as a gift, and they adore it. And the great quality for the price.” Another says, “This mask is amazing. It’s horrifying and perfect for costumes and joking around.” Shoppers also said this unicorn mask makes a vast gag gift.

Creepy Party Unicorn Mask

One writes, “I bought the mask for a pale elephant gift. It was a giant success. It was stolen multiple times in the white-elephant exchange.” one more says, “We got this for a gag-gift white-elephant present exchange, and it had the whole room laughing for a good 15minutes.”

CreepyParty Poodle Mask

It’s pretty much the mainly realistic dog mask I’ve ever seen, which makes it simultaneously scary and hilarious,” writes one reviewer. “I put this picture on Facebook and most people thinking it was a real dog at first glance.” Another owner asks, “What’s NOT to like? This poodle-head costume is all that, so cool, as quickly as I opened it I was in love.

CreepyParty Poodle Mask

We all were cracking up because it’s so genuine-looking — this mask is very high-quality, soft breathable material, simple to see out of as well as breathe.

Buy it. You will be pleased you did.” One shopper used the mask to take her costume to the next level: “Bought this mask, thoughts it would pair perfectly with my hot-dog costume.

And boy, was I was right,” she says. “People either said, ‘How did you acquire your dog to stay so still?!’ or ‘That is what nightmares are completed off.’ Both comments are wins in my book.”

California Costumes Men’s Night Fiend Mask

This is an absurd product. It will scare the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of your friends, family, children, and neighbours,” writes one reviewer. “The quality is incredible, and all your friends will be fantastic-jealous when you roll up dripping’ in werewolf swag like you immediately came out of a Hollywood production.” Other shoppers note that the fit of the mask is comfy and the eye holes have good visibility. “Supercomfortable,” says one. “Vision is pretty good.

California Costumes Men's Night Fiend Mask

I’ll absolutely be keeping this around for a long time, by far the best werewolf mask I’ve seen and the price is sensible.” One shopper who has tried out several werewolf masks thinking this one was exceptional. “I’ve played werewolf the last little years but always borrowed different friends masks.

I ultimately decided to break down and buy my own mask,” she writes. “After searching for dissimilar ones, it came down to buying this mask, and I love it! My friends and I thought it was awesome that the mouth was clever to move whenever I moved my mouth … Overall, an excellent mask to have if you like to be a werewolf for Halloween.”