Solar power has originated a long way in a short space of time. It used to be seen as bulky, unreliable, and expensive but much has reformed. There can still a big difference in quality from one brand to the next, however, and selecting the best solar Lanterns is important.

To choose the best solar camping lantern there are a few things that you need to study such as how much light they are going to yield, how much charge they will hold if they are weatherproof and also other aspects such as how tough they are.

Here we will help you by explanation those key aspects and we have also completed solar lantern reviews to show you the finest lanterns available. Once we’ve finished, you’ll know precisely what makes a great lantern and have confidence in choosing the perfect one for your condition

Solar Lantern For Camping Reviews

1.SUAOKI Led Camping Solar Lantern

SUAOKI Led Camping Solar Lantern

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SUAOKI has produced this top-rated solar camping lantern which has all the features required to make it perfect for camping and backpacking. Not only can it be charged by solar power but it can also be manually changed via its USB port, that port can be covered up to give the lantern excessive water resistance.

It is available in orange or green and can fold down into an extremely compact size making it easy to store away. It has three lighting modes of high, low and SOS for all circumstances. Another great property of this lantern is that it can be conducted as an emergency phone charger too.


  • Charges via solar or USB
  • Folding design
  • Emergency phone charger

2.Kizen Powered LED Camping Solar Lantern

Kizen Powered LED Camping Solar Lantern

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This is one of the most fashionable solar-powered lanterns on the market but not only does it look great but it is going to ensure a great job at lighting the path ahead, your shelter or your camp. This is another device that can be charged via a USB port along with being solar charged.

The solar camping light will be able to completely fold down into a minor size and has three lighting modes. The in-built security features will ensure that the lantern will not overcharge, over-discharge or overheat. This is a great product which also gives a lifetime warranty.


  • Fashionable design
  • Space-saving strategy
  • Extremely secure

3.SUAOKI Collapsible Camping Solar Lantern

SUAOKI Collapsible Camping Solar Lantern

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This is one of the most unique and multipurpose solar-powered camping lights on the marketplace. It is mostly meant to be charged via a USB port but has three huge solar panels to support any extra charging. This also has three great lighting modes of high, low or SOS.

It has a hanging hook which makes it too easy to put up in your tent or your camp and three arms that can fold out and cover up a wide area. Those arms can be folded up into an efficient size to make it easy to store away in your backpack.


  • Unique design
  • Hook for hanging
  • Three solar panels

4.TANSOREN 2 PACK Portable LED Camping Solar Lantern

TANSOREN 2 PACK Portable LED Camping Solar Lantern

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This is a solar-powered camping lantern from TANSOREN but it can be powered in two other manners too. It contains a USB port but it can also be operated with 3 AA batteries too. With all those charging systems, you’ll never run out of power.

It has a foldable design where it is going to be packed around half of its size. It has adjustable levels of brightness and also features a large handle signifying that it can be easily hang up anywhere, whether that is in a camp, tent or wherever else.


  • Three power supply procedures
  • Large handle
  • Adjustable brightness

5.AGPTEK 5 Mode Hand Crank Dynamo 36 LED Camping Solar Lantern

AGPTEK 5 Mode Hand Crank Dynamo 36 LED Camping Solar Lantern

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If you are looking at solar lighting for camping then this would be another superb product. This is a product that can be charged in a mind-blowing five different ways as it can be powered by sunlight and its USB port, but it can also be hand cranked too, so you can never rush out of power.

Moreover, it can be powered by a car charger and batteries too, offering you plenty of choices. It contains a large handle and has LED lights that are capable of shining very brightly. This doesn’t have a folding design and consumes more space than other options, but is an elegant and great lantern.


  • Five charging method
  • Robust design
  • Little energy consumption

6.Light A1 Micro Rechargeable LED Lantern Camping Solar Lantern

d.light A1 Micro Rechargeable LED Lantern Camping Solar Lantern

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In terms of outdoor solar lights, this is one of the finest products on the market and comes extremely highly rated. It is capable of giving a great level of brightness and able to give you 360 degrees of lighting with its three unusual loads.

The highly efficient solar lights are capable to gain a charge on even cloudy days so you’ll never be in shortage of power. They have a enduring battery too and a solo charge will live for 12 hours. It offers you a two-year warranty to give you peace of mind.


  • 360-degree lighting
  • Highly efficient
  • Two-year warranty

7.Bigfoot Outdoor Products Compact Camping Solar Lantern

Bigfoot Outdoor Products Compact Camping Solar Lantern

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This is another folding solar lantern that is going to be able to fold down to an incredibly small size but will still capable to give you a lot of light coverage. It can easily be trimmed to the back of your backpack for it to charge while you are on the energy.

A fully charged battery capable of lasting for 10 hours and it has three lighting modes of high, low and SOS. It can be charged via USB solar too. Its tiny size makes this an ideal backpacking light to fit it in with the rest of your items.


  • 10-hour battery life
  • Small collapsed size
  • Easily hang up with a backpack

8.MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

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This has an identical unique design as it is inflatable. It has a collapsible design similar to many of the models we have seen but is instead increase and decrease by its internal air. The whole device is truly submersible, so you don’t have to worry about any water contact.

It is highly robust and able to fold down to an extremely tiny size making it too easy to carry, especially as it weighs only 4.4 ounces. Its 10 individual LED lights will be capable of shining with three different settings of bright, super bright and one-second flashing.


  • Inflatable lantern
  • Extremely condensed
  • 10 LED lights

9.Nebo WeatherRite 5959 Eco Solar Lantern

Nebo WeatherRite 5959 Eco Solar Lantern

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This is a larger camping lantern from WeatherRite and one that is going to be difficult to get into a backpack with all your other stuff but does make the best camping lantern. It has 24 bright LED lights that will help to give you a huge amount of brightness.

That brightness is registered at 157 lumens which are plenty more than a lot of camping lanterns out there. It has a wired guard that is going to help secure the LED lights and it also has a charging indicator to let you detect when it is running out of power.


  • 24 glittering LED lights
  • 157 lumens
  • Charging meter

How To Select A Solar Lantern For Backpacking – Buying Guide

Installation and/or Area of Us

Before you go on a decision to buy a solar lantern it’s important to consider precisely how you are going to be using it and where. If you are indifferent atmospheres then you will have different needs, therefore knowing where you will put your lantern is important.

If you need your camping lantern to help light up a whole camp then you are going to need a lantern that is capable to shine very brightly and give plenty of coverage. Similarly, if you were eager to light up a path on a hiking trail, then you would need a decent amount of brightness.

If you are only going to need your camping lantern for lighting up your pavilion, then you will only be looking for a very slight level of brightness. You will also want a hook that is capable to hang it up so that you don’t need to hold it while you are in your tent.

To have multiple uses for your camping lantern, it’s a decent idea to search for one that has multiple levels of illumination. Having a low and high brightness mode will permit you to get more use out of your lantern and be efficient to use it in multiple areas.

Scope of Light and Luminosity

With regular camping lanterns, you aren’t going to get the brightest light available and that is similar to solar lanterns. For that reason, they can’t use too much energy but also because they aren’t aimed to be used in the same way as a flashlight.

If you are in search of a specific level of light then it is a decent idea to get a flashlight that is going to bright up your path or whole areas. A camping lantern is anticipated to be a much broader light that is capable to cover a wide area but one that won’t be too bright.

For this reason, it’s worthy to get a light that is going to be bright enough to shine at a 360-degree angle. That’s why you will be able to shine the whole of a tent or a camp and you won’t have to concern about having to shine the lantern in a specific direction.

In terms of luminosity, this is normally measured in lumens and you want a light that is going to be able to shine luminously enough for your needs but not too brightly that it is going blind everybody in the area. If you had a camping lantern that had the luminosity of a flashlight then it could be unpleasant.

Charging Time/Run Time

When you are going to be using a solar light you fear that it is going to run out of power hurriedly and it is not going to be able to charge very speedily either. There are quite many factors that are going to control the charging time as you never know how much light you are going to get.

If you’re backpacking, you need to make sure that you are getting a camping lantern that is going to be competent to hang off the back of your backpack and be efficient to catch the sun’s rays while you are walking along to give it the decent chance of charging.

You never know how much charge it is going to be able to get through and therefore having backup choices are a good idea. Having a camping light that you can link up, put in some batteries or hand crank would be a good way to make sure that you never run out of light.

Run time is important to check as you want to ensure that you are going to be able to get enough light to last you for an entire night. The maximum of these lights is not going to have a problem with that and a full charge should last close to 10 hours.


If you are going to be leaving your camping lantern outdoors then you need to make sure that it’s not going to fail at the first signal of rain. Having a level of water resistance is vital, otherwise, you’ll end up having to buy a new light very fastly.

Some lanterns are fully waterproof and able to offer you the maximum level of protection. These will be useful in making sure that you will always have a light available and one that will survive extreme situations.

These lanterns aren’t the best durable products in the world but they are going to give you better protection from the weather. It’s good to ensure that you are getting a quality product from a trustworthy company, and possibly one that has a good warranty.

Construction of the Lantern

The general construction of the lantern is going to be an important part of the reason you should buy a lantern as it has to be made of the best quality but it also has to be appropriate for the uses that you are going to have for it.

This is a product that is going outdoors to remain there for a long time and so the requirements for it to be strong and durable are much better than a lot of other products. This is going to be exceptionally important if you are backpacking.

Another massive consideration when it arises to the construction of the lantern is whether or not you are getting a foldable design or another classical lantern. This will depend on your necessity and whether you are backpacking or just camping.

Power Sources

The one shared a link that all these products have it that they are going to be capable to be powered by solar light, this will help to charge them up when some of the sun’s rays are striking down on them but there are also sufficiently of other power choices too. This will help to give you a vast backup choice should you run out of solar light.

Probably the greatest common power source is having the ability to get charge by USB. This is a decent method for every time you are going to be near to a power source as it will permit you to get a fast and easy charge of your tenting lantern and restore its battery.

One more method that is existing is plugging it directly into an outlet, either by your vehicle or a DC power cable. Like USB, this will permit a more immediate charge but it depends on you being near to a power source, which may be difficult when you are camping.

Batteries are a terrific backup method for these types of lanterns as it means you don’t have to worry about running out of charge or finding an electricity port. Carrying extra batteries will give you peace of mind that you are never going to be devoid of light.

Another wonderful method is having a hand crank where you physical turn a handle to create electricity. This requires some effort but it does mean that it’s terrible for you to run out of light and always give you a backup choice to your solar panels.


Before you go somewhere, it’s important to look at how large your lantern is going to be and how easy it is going to be to bear. Many of these lanterns are capable of collapsing down to a very tiny size which makes them very easy to carry with you on a backpack.

A few of these lights are perfect for camping while others are supplementarily been designing for backpacking.

If you are going to be backpacking then you need to get one of these lights that fold. There are other foldable lights which fold down to around half their size. They are hard as compact but you should still be capable to take them in a backpack.

There is another type of lantern which is the full-sized choices that aren’t foldable. These are huger but very easy to use and can be hung up anywhere in your camp. These types of lights aren’t truly ideal for backpacking but they make the complete camping tool.


When you are getting a backpacking or camping product, you need to ensure that it is going to be able to deal with the environment that it is in. Because of that, you need to ensure that your lantern is well-built and capable to deal with the camping environment.

This is one place where checking the user reviews is going to be a good idea as you will see comments from people who have been using the lantern for a long time. Here you will be capable to get a sense of just how robust they are and how long they will last.

If a company is offering a solid warranty then you always feel as though they have a lot of confidence in their product. It will also give you peace of mind that should everything be wrong with it, you know that you will be a cover-up.


The design of the solar light requires to meet your needs and how you intend on using it, a lot of these lights have a very alike design where they will have the solar panel on the top of them and can be inflatable when they are not in use.

This is a very cunning design that means the device can be extremely portable but can still as extensive as an entire working light. The traditional type of lanterns will often have a stainless steel guard around them to secure the LED lights.